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Bondi Vixen is a lifestyle, not a trend.

Since 1991, Bondi Vixen has been mentoring, coaching, and transforming women’s lives, developing a deep understanding of challenges and needs pertinent to the female body. 

Founder, and one of Sydney’s most well-known fitness experts, Vix Erber, has developed holistic functional training programs suitable for women aged 20 to 50+, which embrace nutrition, exercise & mindset. 

Personalised classes employ cutting edge training techniques, equipment and exercise science, and are dedicated to driving tangible fitness results, regardless of age or body type.

Bondi Vixen is a lifestyle, not a trend: by moving fluidly and eating well, together we are empowered to feel strong.

Bondi Vixen: Move. Nourish. Evolve



With over 25 years industry experience, Vix Erber has been driven by a passion for Health and Fitness from an early age. Born and bred in Bondi Beach, she established Bondi Vixen to empower women, and help them achieve a dream bikini body become a reality. Being a Master Functional Trainer is only the start of her long list of qualifications. With experience in everything from Pilates, Boxing, Kickboxing, Pre-Post Natal Fitness, Women’s Health and Nutrition, Vix acts as a Fitness Coach, Leader and Mentor for every woman that enters the world of Bondi Vixen.

Vix is extremely proud to be the Pioneer of Women’s Fitness on Bondi Beach. Not only does she lead the majority of her group classes, she also makes herself available for private personal training sessions and mentoring. She is extremely hands on, designing every workout and class with 100% dedication and expertise.

As one of Sydney’s most popular and well known Fitness Trainers, Vix is often referred to a ‘Personal Trainer Royalty’ with regular appearances as a Fitness Presenter on nationwide TV, including Channel 10’s Breakfast Show, Studio 10 YOU, Channel 9’s The Today Show and the Kerrie-Anne Kennerly Show.


With a big focus on Functional Training for the Female Physique, you will be inspired to reach new heights and amazed at the changes to your Body, Mindset and Lifestyle.



Having your very own Personal Trainer will help achieve your weight-loss and fitness goals super-fast with individual attention focused 100% on YOU!


nutrition coaching

Simple is Sustainable.
Bondi Vixen's GAME Changer 12 week nutrition program offers a comprehensive clean eating guideline to lower your set point weight. We will teach you what to eat, when to eat and how to meal prep efficiently with regular check ins over the 12 weeks.



Total Body

Designed specifically for strengthening, sculpting, and re-shaping a perfectly balanced feminine physique. This category of class helps your body be more effective at burning FAT by increasing lean muscle and focusing on compound moves!


Box HIIT • Functional HIIT

A metabolic total body cardio conditioning workout that incorporates a mixture of strength based and cardio based exercises in a rotating  format. This class is the ultimate in increasing fitness while keeping your body well-conditioned. 


Upper Body & Core Lower Body

Designed to target your upper and lower body, this category of class is a fusion form of toning that uses isolation exercises to target trouble areas, tighten jiggly bits and torch MAX calories!