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Any 3 Classes over 7 Days plus a FREE Fitness Consult!



Choose 3 Classes of your choice over 7 Days plus FREE Fitness Consult.

We understand taking the first step is often the hardest and most daunting, especially if you have never joined the world of Group Fitness Training or Personal Training.

So we want to make it less confronting and ensure we are the right fit for you with no obligation at all.

Pay only $20 and get access to any 3 classes of your choice over 7 days

You also receive a 20 minute complimentary fitness consultation to help us get to know you and your history, as well as identify your goals on what you want to achieve on your fitness journey if you decide to stay on with us. So please let us know if you would like to book in for one at the end of your intro week.

We only have one agenda, to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. We love women who know what they want and will pull out all the stops to get the results they deserve. If you truly want success then step one is getting clear on your goals and then committing to achieve them with our support.

Once you have signed up to the Intro Offer, feel free to book your classes via the Bondi Vixen App (downloadable to any mobile device from the App Store or Google Play) or the Timetable page.

We are delighted to have you join our exclusive community of women who see the value in leading an active lifestyle and being a positive role model for all women.

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