This is a great total body workout based around boxing circuits – perfect if you want to build lean muscle, lose body fat and let off some steam!

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More fun than it might sound! Incorporating cardio and strength training, Vixen Kettlebell Hell is a total body workout designed to target legs and booty, arms and core.

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If you love boxing, this one’s for you. Vixen PunchKick is focused on fast & furious boxing & kicking drills and combinations, helping you take your kick-boxing technique to the next level.

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Want a flat stomach or a 6 pack to die for? Vixen Core is a Power Pilates class designed to firm, lengthen and strengthen those muscles until you have your perfect bikini body.

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This is a High Intensity Interval Training class that blasts your body with different workout techniques: tabata, intense ab workouts, plyometric exercises and timed circuits to name just a few.
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With its butt-blasting soft sand exercises and boot camp style drills, this high intensity class is a great way to kick start your weekend (and to fast track results).

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Memberships Programs

Pick your program:

- 4 week Fast & Furious
- 6 week Bikini Body Challlenge
- 12 week Regular (or Off-Peak) Membership
- Beach Babe Online Bootcamp
- 10 or 20 Visit Vixen Pass
- Private Personal Training


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