Should I Be Working Out with a Personal Trainer?

Sep 13, 2016 | Fitness, HIIT, Nutrition

Summer is usually the time of year where everyone is looking to take their current workout routine to the next level, target a specific muscle group to feel great in a bikini (abs or booty), or just learn how to properly (and safely!) work your body effectively and most efficiently for the limited time you have.

It’s not the latest “As Seen on TV” product or fitness app from a less than qualified Fitspo— its working out with a Trainer that might be the answer. Research suggests working out with a Personal Trainer can provide the extra dose of motivation and intensity necessary to reap more benefits from your workouts and make the changes to your body and lifestyle that’s needed.


For many, the trickiest part of establishing a fitness routine is getting started. Sticking to it is a whole different story. But working with a Trainer can help keep commitment levels high. Studies suggest people who work out with a Trainer are more likely to stick to a consistent exercise routine than those who work out on their own (at the gym or via the latest fitness app). In one study, those who enlisted the help of a Personal Trainer maintained or even intensified their exercise behaviour over the time frame of 12 weeks, while those sweating it out on their own hit the gym less.

Working with a professional during exercise has other perks as well. Studies suggest getting some one-on-one supervision during a workout session can lead to better results than doing the exact same circuit solo. Plus, after working with a Trainer, people are more likely to select heavier weights if in a gym or more intense workouts on their own than those who’ve been going at it alone the whole time.


The cost of a Personal Trainer can be its biggest detriment, ranging from $60 to $150 per hour. Before giving up next month’s rent money to work out with a Trainer, check do they offer  Intro Sessions. A session or two to learn how to train properly, avoid injury and whether their style is for you, might be all that’s needed to get you moving forward and assist in deciding if that particular Trainer is who you need to take you to the next level.

Looking for a longer commitment? Try Group Training— its more economical over a longer period of time plus you get to train alongside other awesome women on the same mission as you!

And remember: To get the most out of your sessions, be honest with the Trainer. Part of their job is helping people incorporate fitness into their lifestyles. If the thought of kettlebells cause panic or the past winter months have helped pack on a few kg’s, let your trainer know. They can help identify ways to tweak workouts to ensure max results are achieved alongside guidance and support in how to fuel your body.


Getting a little 1-on-1 attention while working out is definitely more beneficial than going solo, even if it’s only one session to get acquainted with exercise or learning how to train effectively. If finances are an issue or you need a little team spirit to keep you consistent then join an outdoor training group for community support, motivation and affordability!


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