Why Regular Health Assessments are important

Why Regular Health Assessments are important

Your 40’s are the ideal time to take stock of where you are wellness-wise, make improvements if necessary, and create a solid plan for your optimally healthy future with comprehensive health assessments.  But it’s never too early to start so even if you are reading this in your 20’s or 30’s take stock – what you do now can have a big impact on how gracefully you roll into your 40’s 50’s or even 60’s!

If you are looking to get a personal health assessment completed either with your doctor, nutritionist or naturopath, here are some important factors to prepare: 

Know your family history

This is so important. Health issues are often hereditary, and being aware of health issues your family either have faced or currently facing can help bring awareness and even catch any early symptoms to ensure you have the best outcome possible. 

Review your own personal health history

Quite often as busy women we can easily overlook our own symptoms, push them to the side or dismiss them all together. Sit down and really take stock of anything that has felt different lately. Getting more headaches, experiencing dizzy spells, changes in your moods or with your cycle, write it all done prior to your appointment. 

Assess your diet

What you eat makes all the difference in how you fare after 40. Are you eating a balanced diet of Fruits, Vegetables, Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates? If you are finding yourself too busy to eat healthy – you may wish to take stock of your priorities and remember – your health should be at the top. 

Know your numbers

Your height, your weight, your measurements, your hip to waist ratio and your BMI. 

Talk to your health professional about a comprehensive Blood chemistry panel

We find working with a Naturopath will dig deeper into your Blood Chemistry for optimal health as a GP will only look for standard markers, why not book an appointment with our in-house naturopath today and get a good understanding of where your body is currently at. 

Make a wellness plan.

Once you are equipped with all of the above it’s important to take action.  We have all the tools you would want from a Boutique Fitness Studio in Bondi with a team to help you with your fitness, nutrition and maintain your body through massage and physiotherapy.

Just reach out to us and let’s work together to ensure you are on the right track for healthy ageing. 

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