When the Temperature Drops

Jul 14, 2014 | Fitness

When the temperature drops, what’s the one thing humans are all too quick to put on? (Hint: It’s not more layers of clothing.) Nope, we’re talkin’ about poundage. Studies show most adults gain at least half a kilogram (or one pound) during autumn and winter, and this weight gain is likely to pile up over the years. But are there ways to avoid that dreaded weight gain?


With the winter months comes cosy weekends centered around food— and a whole lot of occasions to overeat rather than spending time on the beach in a bikini. Of course, winter also brings colder temperatures, and when body temperature drops, it’s natural to crave foods that provide warmth (since the body transfers energy from food into heat). The only problem is, those warm n’ tasty comfort foods are often rich in carbohydrates and high in calories. And adults who gain weight during the winter season aren’t terribly likely to lose it. This means those extra pounds can accumulate over several years of sedentary winters.

On top of the temptation to stuff our bellies with comfort foods, shorter days and less sunlight might also mean less exercise. One study found that participants were least physically active in the winter, and most active in the spring.


Hit the fruit basket. Eating a piece of fruit before heading out can take the edge off hunger and help prevent overloading on carbs.

Scope out the menu when eating out. Check out the healthiest choices available before filling up a plate. Then, aim for filling half to 3/4 of the plate with veggies, and the rest with lean protein like skinless roasted turkey, chicken or seafood.

Keep a food journal. Tracking everything we eat can make us more aware of our food choices, especially during the winter.

Get busy in the kitchen. Cook up healthy detoxing comfort foods that are lower in calories and fat.

Beware of the winter drinks. Hot winter drinks may be fun to sip, but drink in moderation— they can be full of empty calories and loads of sugar ..watch the hot cocoa with marsh mellows and full cream milk as they are no good on the waistline and even the skin.

Bundle up and get outdoors. Exercise can help curb winter weight gain, and one study suggested prolonged exercise in cold weather boosts metabolism.

Get moving inside. If staying indoors is the only option, there are plenty of ways to stay active. Instead of watching a movie, try one of the Bondi Vixen Online Workout Series available at www.bondivixenonlinestudio.com


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