You’re now a Certified Vixen

Here are a few important details and frequently asked questions for you to be aware of as part of your new Bondi Vixen Membership.


Firstly, let’s get you booked into your New Members Initial Consult with Vix herself!

A complimentary Member’s Initial Consult needs to be booked in your first week.
This 20 minute Consult is for New Members only and needs to be booked in your first week. Designed to set you up for success and ensure your transition into Bondi Vixen is smooth.

What we do in your Consult:

  • Discuss your exercise history & any medical conditions or injuries
  • Goal setting & what you want to achieve with us
  • Guidance on classes best suited to achieve your specific goals
  • Guidance on how to get the most out of your training to ensure results come faster!
  • Trainers secret tips and tricks on how to stay consistent and focused plus how to get more out of your training
  • Advice on classes and your weekly training regime
  • Any questions about your training

Simply book your Initial Consult with Vix via the Bondi Vixen App under the ‘Book Services’ tab.

Secondly, let’s get you into the Bondi Vixen Private Members Facebook Group

Once a Member be sure to request access to the Vixen Members Private Facebook Group. Why? It provides updates on changes to the Timetable, Admin Updates, Feedback Polls and Extra Motivation! It’s basically our platform to communicate to you all and keep you informed on what’s happening in the studio.
Click here to request your access today!



We are located at 34a Ocean Street North, Bondi – Yes, it was once the Bondi Anglican Church that has had a complete designer makeover by Bondi Vixen! As we fondly call it The Cathedral of Sweat!



There is street parking available in all surrounding streets plus a public car park at the end of Wellington Place, off Wellington Street and also behind Kemenys Food & Liquor Store, off Bondi Road.


What to bring to Class

Please bring to every Class:

  • Small Towel
  • Water bottle (available to purchase)
  • If attending a Fusion HIIT Class please bring Cotton Inners and your own Boxing Gloves.

We also sell boxing gloves designed for Group Fitness which you can purchase in studio or online ($50).

If you are borrowing our boxing gloves over the 21 days you will need to purchase a pair of cotton inserts to wear for hygiene. These can also be purchased in studio or online for $6.

    Booking Classes

    Please note, our Classes run on a booking system to ensure Class numbers are capped. To book or cancel your Classes please download the Bondi Vixen App from the App Store or Google Play. By now you should have your email and password already set up, please reach out if you have any tech issues.

    We only permit booking 1 Class per day with the exception of Yin Yoga on a Saturday. This is classified as a Recovery Session, so you are welcome to book that Class as a second session that day. You have up to 1 hour before a Class starts to book and up to 8 hours before a Class starts to cancel. However it is highly advisable to pre-book in advance to prevent missing out or being put on a waitlist for peak time Classes.

    Out of consideration for the Trainer and for your own safety, the warm-up (and cool down) is an important aspect of each Class. Please be aware that if you are late for a class you will not be allowed to train.

    Download The Bondi Vixen Booking App

    Sign up and book your next class with ease!

     Which classes should I choose? How are they different?

    Across our Group Training programs, Bondi Vixen incorporates a fusion style of fitness that has proven results in obtaining a feminine physique! There are three main categories of fusion style with our Signature VIXLETIX class incorporating them ALL:

    • Defined & Strong: Designed specifically for strengthening, sculpting, and re-shaping a perfectly balanced feminine physique. This category of class helps your body be more effective at burning FAT by increasing lean muscle and focusing on compound moves!
    • Tight & Toned: Designed to target your upper and lower body separately, this category of class is a fusion form of toning that uses isolation exercises to target trouble areas, tighten jiggly bits and torch MAX calories!
    • Sweat & Fit: Designed to get your heart-rate up and sweat your stress out! This category of class aims to build a lean, conditioned physique, shred body fat and increase fitness like none other!

    Depending on commitment level, we have a solution for you to keep your training balanced between the three different categories and designed to create that  fit, toned, feminine body we all dream of and deserve!.

    • 6 Classes a week – 2 x Defined & Strong, 2 x Sweat & Fit, 2 x Tight & Toned
    • 5 Classes a week – 1 x Defined & Strong, 2 x Sweat & Fit, 2 x Tight & Toned
    • 4 Classes a week – 1 x Defined & Strong, 1 x Sweat & Fit, 2 x Tight & Toned
    • 3 Classes a week – 1 x Defined & Strong, 1 x Sweat & Fit, 1 x Tight & Toned


    No-Show and Late Cancellation Fees

    We have an in-house policy that you MUST adhere to. We will be debiting your account $20 for no-shows or late cancels to the 6.20AM class and $15 for no-show fees to any of the other booked classes. Notably the 6.20AM time slot has a higher No-Show fee as this is our peak class time so we encourage members to be mindful of their commitments. All classes are capped to control numbers and comfort in the studio which results in waiting lists for peak time classes.


    What should I do if I am injured?

    Injuries can really upset your fitness goals and rhythm but there is a way to still achieve your goals without giving up completely. Most injuries can be worked around with patience and communication. Talk to your Trainer at the start of the class – please be early to do so. By making your Trainer aware of any issues they will give you alternative movements while still getting a well rounded workout.


    Can I train if I am pregnant?

    If you are pregnant or have recently been pregnant, we may require clearance from your doctor in order for you to participate in Group Classes. Please always inform your Trainer if you are pregnant and advise where, and if, you need exercise modifications.


    What are the Studio Facilities?

    Toilets: The toilet block is located outside. As you walk out of the kitchen door, grab the toilet keys on the key hook on the right side of the doorway. Walk to the back of the building towards the daycare centre. Open the child-proof gate and turn left and you will see the toilet block. The Vixen toilet is the locked toilet at the back. There is one toilet at the front and one behind it, ours is the back one. Please lock it and return the key for the next user.

    Change Room: We have a bag room located on the right side of the main floor. We also have a changing area (our massage room when not in use) which is located at the top of the church (where the bikes are) on the left if needed, however the locker room is also adequate to do a quick change.


    What’s Bondi Vixen’s approach to Nutrition?

    The Bondi Vixen philosophy is Clean Eating. With so many fad diets on the market it is easy to be caught up in the latest crazy diet, but realistically it’s just over-complicating what is a simple process.

    Calories In Vs Calories Out is the most basic equation when it comes to losing or maintaining weight. Focusing on Calories In with clean, wholefoods means your body is well nourished and can perform like a well oiled machine. Nourishing your body correctly will give you more energy, more clarity and ultimately the body you desire.

    Book in via the App for a 30 minute Nutritional Consult with Vix for general advice and a plan suited to help you attain your goals!

    What Supplements can I purchase from Bondi Vixen?

    Bondi Vixen offers a range of Supplements geared to turbo charge your active lifestyle.

    ATHLETIX Whey - $64.90 – meal replacement or supplement. Best for post-workout and recovery or snack in-between meals.

    ATHLETIX Lean– $59.40 – Fire up your metabolism with one of the best natural fat burners on the market. Using this signature formula that harnesses the power of amino acids to maximise your workouts and enhance your focus!

    These products have been designed to work jointly together for MAX effect.

    For the ATHLETIX Pack (Whey + Lean) the cost is discounted to $115.50!

    View our Shop page to make a purchase and find out more.


    What is Bondi Vixen’s COVID-19 Safety plan?

    Bondi Vixen has several safety parameters in place:

    • Capped classes to a maximum of 16 -18 people per class.
    • 2M distanced spacing marked on the floors
    • Sanitisation wipes and sprays across the studio for use on used equipment.

    (During COVID-19 spikes) Temperature checks pre-arrival.


    Who is the woman behind Bondi Vixen?

    With close to 30 years industry experience, Vix has been driven by a passion for Health and Fitness from a very early age. Born and bred in Bondi Beach, she established Bondi Vixen to empower women and help them achieve an active lifestyle and dream body to match. You can find out more about Vix and her team by visiting Our Story on the website.


    Who is the Vixen Coaching Team?

    Vix has personally handpicked a comprehensive team at Bondi Vixen all with amazing skills and expertise, so you can be assured of a great experience. Our Trainers each bring their own skill set and flavour to your classes.


    Who can I contact for questions regarding my membership?

    Sarah is the Bondi Vixen Client Relationship Manager, available in studio from 9.00am – 12.00pm Monday to Friday.

    She is also contactable via email

    Sarah covers all types of client enquiries including (but not limited to) the following:
    Time Freeze requests
    Membership changes
    No Show fees
    Product purchases
    Attendance reporting & check in
    Payment issues such as dishonours, changing payment details.

    Basically if you have any questions regarding your membership or account, please come into the studio with in the hours mentioned above or email Sarah and she will help you out. If contacting outside of working hours please allow for 48 hours to obtain a response.

    If you need to review the Terms and Conditions of your membership they can be found here.


    Are there costs associated with Time-Freeze requests?

    There is a fee of $10 per week payable up-front for Time-Freeze requests.

    In order to process a time-freeze request please provide a minimum of 7-days written notice to

    Please note that on all membership types there is a maximum of 8 weeks’ time-freeze permitted per year.


    What it means to be part of the Vixen Community

    The Vixen Community is a wonderful bunch of Empowered Women from all walks of life, all striving to live a healthy lifestyle. Look around at class, say hello with someone you haven’t met before and engage in conversation. Don’t be afraid to say great work to someone. We have seen many friendships start at Bondi Vixen and it warms our heart every time.