Vitality Reblog: Lifes a BEACH when youre a Vixen

Oct 1, 2014 | Fitness

We recently caught up with the Bondi Vixen, Vix Erber and talked all things fitness, health and the motivation behind her training program.

Vix shares her top tips on training females; how important it is to be strong in mind to be in a strong body; the benefits of getting sweaty with your sisters outdoors; and her exclusive Vitality show specials!

There are so many fitness regimes out there, why is yours different?

Firstly because I am the pioneer of group fitness for women on Bondi Beach. I started group training before it was the ‘in thing’ many years ago. I started it because all my personal training clients all wanted the same time slot and there was only one of me! So this is how group fitness was born.

My regime is different because of many reasons.

It is FEMALE FOCUSED. A woman knows a woman’s body best so I know what we need to feel and look our best. I specialise in one thing and that’s women’s bodies.
It is small group classes with 2 trainers so everyone gets attention and no stone is left unturned
I teach every class. So you get what you pay for
I design every single class with a lot of creativity and uniqueness using all methods to keep the intensity high
Every class has a different focus and we cover every aspect of fitness from Kettlebell classes, Boxing classes, HIIT classes, Kick Boxing classes, Pilates and our favourite Boxing Bootcamp on Saturdays!
We run 2 morning classes and 2 evening classes and every day you get a different class to keep the body guessing!
24/7 support no matter how busy we get
What motivated you to start Bondi Vixen? Where did the name come from?

I am a Bondi born and bred Beach Babe. I’m a third generation Bondi Bred, my mum grew up here and my grandparents left Europe in WWII and came to Australia and built a life here in Bondi Beach! So I am the REAL DEAL. I was nicknamed the Bondi Vixen by some friends as my name is Vix so that’s how the name came about.

I am my brand. I represent a Healthy, Active Beach Babe that loves the simple things in life… the beach, the sunshine and a healthy lifestyle. I am all about bringing out your inner strength by working on your out strength and to me a strong, sexy fit woman is a VIXEN.

We love the imagery of your programs that show women bonding on Bondi Beach over fitness and sisterhood, this must be an inspiring way to start the day? Have you seen a lot of friendships made along with their bikini bodies?

I have to say nothing makes me smile more than seeing the real friendships that have formed through Bondi Vixen. There are some girls that have made life-long friends with each other and I have to say I am so proud of that.

I think this email from a Vixen says it all:

“I just wanted to say thanks as it is a credit to YOU that we are all so close. Yes we pick and choose who we are friends with but you have brought all of us Vixens together in such a beautiful supportive environment. I LOVE TRAINING because I love the exercise but I don’t think I would enjoy it half as much if it wasn’t for you and the Vixen girls. We support each other through it all both physically and mentally and are genuinely so happy for one another’s success. Thanks for being the best “mama vixen”. As 2013 is drawing to a close I can definitely say that joining your training this has been one of the best decisions I have made on so many levels. I consider you not only my amazing trainer but a friend. Sorry to get all mushy but I’ve been thinking about this the past few weeks and just wanted to let you know. You always commend us and I just want you to know how much we all appreciate you too.” Rachael

Can you share an inspirational story/success story of how Bondi Vixen bikini body challenge helped someone change their life? How do these women inspire you too?

I have many success stories to share because not only do I focus on strength in body I focus on strength in mindset, you must be strong in mind to be able in body.

“Not only is the Bondi Vixen style of training so effective for fat loss, Vix has also given me the confidence to believe anything is possible! I work a corporate job in Sales that is extremely demanding on my personal time and I have always struggled to maintain a healthy balance with nutrition and exercise, but Vix has shown me that there is no excuse to have the body you desire! From the bottom of my heart Vix, thank you for giving me my life back, and giving me a reason to smile again” – Gen C

You’re all about using the outdoors as your gym? Why? Can you explain how? What are some Bondi Vixen-specific moves using outdoor spaces?

There is nothing more grounding than using the natural surroundings as your gym. It not only works your body, it works your mind and soul. The fresh air runs circles around an air-conditioned sweaty gyms. Hearing the waves crashing compared to loud thumping music is soothing for the soul. The sand on your feet is grounding and the sun gives you a good dose of vitamin D. Wearing a Vixen Trucker Cap to protect yourself from the sun is important in summer and they are given to you when you become a Vixen!

Nothing beats full body movements and we work multiple muscles in multiple ways training outdoors. I love using your own body weight as resistance because it doesn’t bulk you up, it creates long lean muscles worthy of a beach goddess! We are the pioneers of women’s kettlebell, boxing and kickboxing classes on the beach and doing a combo of these classes every week is a sure fire way to sculpt yourself a bikini body.

You’re a big fan of protein smoothies with your own Vicious Whey and `Shake it up’ eBook, what’s your personal favourite smoothie? And why are they so good for you? When should you drink them? How many times a day?

I love protein shakes because they are perfect for women on the go. It is so easy to throw a scoop in a shaker and fill it with water down at the beach, because I have back-to-back classes in the morning and at night it’s perfect to keep me going in between meals. It keeps my energy stable and my hunger at bay.

My protein powder is exclusive only to Bondi Vixen and it is formulated specifically for women. Most women are worried protein powder will bulk them but this is incorrect especially my brand, as it is low in fat and high in protein with added fat burners like green tea and l-carnitine added to it! Not only is it great for in between meals, it’s also great post workout to help replenish the body after a hard session.

My favourite is the Vanilla Latte vicious whey protein Shake because it has coffee in it so you get that extra kick you need to keep you going! It is a twist on a Vanilla Latte with my Vicious Whey Protein!! Here’s the recipe to try:

1 scoop Vanilla Vicious Whey Protein

1 cup of brewed coffee

8 almonds

Put in blender with ice

Caffeine, PROTEIN, healthy Fat… NO guilt!

Bondi Vixen is coming to Vitality, what can visitors expect from a visit to your stand? What are some key take aways/offers/specials etc?

1. Get Sweaty with your BFF Offer is great to join up with a buddy, you can bond, get fit and get a discount! Join the Bondi Vixen 6 week Bikini Body Challenge with a buddy and both receive 10% discount (save $60).

2. Sign up at the Vitality Show for the October 20th or Nov 10th Bikini Body Challenge and receive our Intro Week Offer of unlimited access to all Vixen classes over 7 days free (value $50). Intro Week to be used before Challenge starts.

3. Purchase the exclusive Bondi Vixen Protein Powder called Vicious Whey created for Bondi Bikini Bodies and receive a free copy of ‘SHAKE IT UP’ eBook, the BEST smoothie recipes this side of Bondi! Specifically formulated for active women, our Vicious Whey Protein powder gives you a quality, nutritious convenient energy hit. It also has added fat burners, including L-carnitine, Green Tea and Hydroxycitric Acid for Lean, Active Beach Babes! Mixed with water or milk, it makes a delicious, creamy protein-rich shake or smoothie – perfect as part of a healthy, balanced, fat-burning diet.

4. Vitality Show visitors can redeem a 10% discount voucher for any program via the Bondi Vixen Online Studio as well as a free Bondi Vixen Cap or free Class Voucher for anyone that visits the Vixen Stand.

What are your top 5 fitness tips for getting that bikini body ready for summer?

Head over to my website and add your email into the red banner on the home page (under the video) and I will send you all my FREE COPY of THE Bondi Vixen Tips and Rules for a Bikini Body Ebook!

See Bondi Vixen at the Vitality Show from 10 – 12 October, 2014 at Royal Hall of Industries + Hordern Pavilion, Sydney.

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