Virtual & Outdoor TRAINING

Virtual & Outdoor training solutions, designed by women, for women.

We specialise in functional strength training specifically tailored to the female body with the addition of boxing, yoga, pilates and barre for a completely balanced and holistic exercise regime. However, with the recent closure of the Cathedral of Sweat due to government regulations during the COVID 19 Crisis, we didn't want to leave women stranded without options to stay in control of their fitness goals and mental wellbeing. 

Our virtual access and outdoor training programs incorporates Strength Training, HIIT, Pilates, Yoga and specialised Booty & Core workouts bringing you Bondi Vixen's specialised training to your home and our local Dickson park. 

Whether your goal is becoming super fit and agile, focusing on lengthening and mobility, or just stay connected with an awesome community of women while getting your sweat on, there’s a workout to suit your needs.

Outdoor Group Fitness returns 18th May

Our Outdoor Group Fitness classes will be making a comeback on the 18th of May running 6 Days a week at 6.30am 7.30am, on Monday, Wednesday & Friday we will be running 9.30am class with the ability to increase as demand dictates so get your girls together and let’s get moving! Class numbers are strictly 9 max per session with and a 12 hour cancellation policy.

Class types

Total HIIT is a 45 minute High Intensity Class in the park incorporating Lower & Upper Body Strength, Core Conditioning and Cardio Drills. Cardio drills such as shuttle runs and hill runs feature in this class to ensure MAX Fat Burning is achieved. 

Total TONE focuses on Full Body Conditioning via the use of Body Weight, Resistance Tubing and Booty Bands. Using a combo of focused exercises to develop tone, strength, balance, flexibility & core stability simultaneously. 

Box HIIT is a total body cardio conditioning workout that combines boxing drills, cardio drills, body weight and core exercises to create an awesome HIIT style workout. This type of workout aims to build a lean, toned body, torch body fat and increase fitness like no other!

Equipment needed

Due to government restrictions we are not able to share equipment.  At a minimum please bring your own exercise mat, a towel and water bottle to every class. To attend Box HIIT you will need to bring your own boxing gloves. Total TONE uses booty bands and resistance tubing if you have them. This is optional and workout can be adjusted with no equipment.  

If you do not have any of these items they can be purchased directly from us. 

Boxing Gloves $44

Vixen Tone Pack $55 

Virtual Membership Inclusions:

Daily HIIT Workouts

Receive a Daily HIIT Workout designed to get that heart pumping direct to your inbox.  These workouts can be modified for 15 mins, 30 mins or 45mins so you can be sure to fit this one into your schedule. 

Each workout explores high intensity, fat burning bodyweight movements, so it's perfect if you don't have any equipment at home or want to take this one to the park. 

Each exercise is linked to a video demonstration so you are never left guessing and can complete the workout confidently. Leave isolation fit and fabulous! 

LIVE Zoom Classes

Head Vixen is coming to your place!

Live in your living room, courtyard, balcony or backyard.  Set up your exercise mat and grab any fitness equipment you may have, don't sweat it if you don't have any we still have the moves for you, and join in with our LIVE Zoom Sessions. 

Vix will be covering Strength Training, HIIT Pilates, Booty and Core workouts exercises to ensure your isolation body is ready to party once those doors open! 

With 5 Classes to choose from 7am & 5pm we have your isolation fitness covered!  Refer to Timetable for class times and descriptions. 

On Demand Workouts 

Not only do we have an extensive library of exercise demonstrations we also have a number of pre-recorded workouts and challenges. 

Join on the Virtual Unlimited Membership and get access the the Bondi Vixen LIVE Facebook Group where we will not only share the daily LIVE replays, but also rolling out 30 Day in-house Challenges, PLUS a Sunday Yin Yoga Session to reset our Chi in this crazy time! 

We have got so much offer you'll never be bored stuck at home. 

Bondi Vixen's Apps

To book your LIVE & OUTDOOR Classes we recommend downloading the Bondi Vixen App simply "Get Our App" and you'll be redirected to your app store.



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