Top Tips on how to banish that Winter Belly Bloat!

Its a love-hate relationship with Winter. The good part being we get to wear super cool, comfy clothes and sport our trendy beanies and latest ugg boots. Other than that I personally don’t see any other benefits (being a beach babe of course!) But little does anyone know lots of women are hiding that horrid belly bloat safe and sound underneath the latest cable-knit jumper. So what causes that horrid Belly Bloat?

Well mainly it’s caused by 3 factors:

  1. Poor Digestion
  2. Water Retention
  3. Belly Fat

The great news is that you can eliminate the bloated feeling caused by poor digestion and water retention in just a couple of days. See below my suggestion on what to avoid in order to achieve that flat tummy faster than you thought possible.

  1. Salt

Salt is the number one cause of fluid retention – for us women that means bloated tummies, ankles and arms.

  1. Dehydration

If you are dehydrated your tummy is going to feel bloated. Water aids digestion and makes sure that you are getting all the toxins out of your body. Not enough water = not enough digestion = a bloated tummy.

  1. Stop Eating ‘Diet Foods’

When people want to start getting into shape they start eating diet foods. Diet Yoghurt, Diet Soft Drink, Light Mayonnaise, Low Fat Cheese, Fat Free Salad dressings….you know the stuff. Many diet foods have replaced ingredients like sugar with a toxic cocktail of chemicals.

  1. Anything with bubbles in it.

Consuming anything with bubbles in it is going to leave you feeling gassy and bloated. Skip anything with bubbles in it to avoid that gassy feeling (ie sparkling mineral water).

  1. Red Meat

Red Meat is difficult for your body to digest and can spend a lot of time in your tummy waiting to be digested. Cut out red meat to get a flat tummy.

  1. Fat

Fat also takes a lot of time to digest in your tummy, causing bloat. Cut out high fat foods to stop belly bloat in the short term and to cut belly fat in days…

  1. Dairy

Dairy is another cause of bloat. If you can cut out all dairy for a few days you will dramatically reduce bloat in your tummy.

  1. Bread

Bread, even wholemeal varieties can be very hard for your body to digest. Many so called wholemeal varieties of bread contain up to 30% white flour. Sometimes it is not just down to the wheat, it’s all the other additives that are in the bread to improve its softness and shelf life. To remove belly bloat, avoid all bread.

  1. Starchy Carbs

Starchy carbs like wheat, bread, white rice and pasta are packed full of calories so they’re very easy to overeat, leaving you feeling bloated for hours afterwards. Limit these to tiny serves or eliminate them completely to eliminate a bloated tummy.

  1. Eating fewer but larger meals

When you miss meals you are much more likely to eat (and overeat) larger meals when you are starving to “catch up”. These larger meals put a strain on your digestion and end up making you feel bloated. Hint: Eating smaller meals right through the day will keep your energy levels up and keep your tummy flat.

  1. Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit is full of fibre but can be hard to digest without lots of water. If you want to overcome belly bloat skip dried fruit for at least a few days.

Most causes of bloating can be removed simply by eating pure food. Eating pure food releases your body from the chemical cocktail responsible for putting your body and your belly in a state of toxic shock.
In this state of toxic shock your belly is always going to feel bloated, so if you need assistance in cleaning out your body this season so you can fit into your skinny jeans, then checkout our 10 Day Cleanse Intensive Plan it could be just what your body (and tummy) needs this season!

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