TOP Secrets to SHRED!

Oct 4, 2016 | Diet, Fitness, HIIT, Nutrition

With spring in the air and the days getting longer, it’s almost time to slip into your favourite bikini… and rocking your swim suit with confidence is a must! Seriously… you deserve to feel your very best!!

If you’re new to Bondi Vixen and you’re just learning about our 21 Day Bikini ATHLETIX Challenge… WELCOME! We designed this ultra-effective program to get you ready for events, photoshoots or bikini getaways. It’s what we do to get into the best possible shape in minimal time plus it gives you a very good indication of how we operate and is designed to create CHANGE! It’s seriously amazing… Just 21 days to focus on YOU, de-bloat and to feel confident and toned!

If you only have a minimal time to tighten up, these quick tips really work… fast! They’ll keep you feeling your best whenever you are in need!


Avoiding high sodium foods is the first step! Ease up on conventional dressings and high sodium condiments like soy sauce. Extra sodium causes water retention that can make you look puffy. Even if it’s a healthy recipe, pay attention to sodium content and how much salt you’re adding to salads and veggies. Don’t avoid it completely though—you need salt! Just be a little more aware.

Now did you know Potassium rich foods help balance out sodium levels?

Food like bananas or coconut water help you get back to normal if you’ve accidentally had a little too much salt and they are great to help you de-bloat.


As far as moving your body is concerned, get to our HIIT based classes before you slip into that bikini! You’ll get the benefits of both burning major calories from cardio AND toning up to look your best on the beach. Plus it helps to SWEAT it out! Our most popular HIIT classes are Athletix CONDITIONING in the park and Athletix LEAN on the beach!


This one’s pretty simple, but can have a huge impact! Eat slowly and enjoy your meals! If you usually have lunch on-the-go or in a hurry, STOP! This is the time to slow down and enjoy every bite. Eating too fast can cause bloating because you’re not chewing your food well. Plus, eating slower can equate to consuming less, since it takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to register that you’re full. It also helps to stay hydrated throughout the day.


Include as much lemon, ginger, peppermint and asparagus as you want. These anti-bloating superstars aid digestion, reduce water retention, fight inflammation and are rich in antioxidants. Make sure to keep your kitchen stocked, however here are some simple ways to get your fix:

♥ Add a squeeze of lemon to your water all day long. Plus be a dare devil and add a shake of cayenne pepper!

♥ Sip on peppermint tea after dinner.

♥ Add a little spiciness to your fresh juice and throw a piece of ginger into the mix! It tastes great with veggie based juices.

♥ Add asparagus to your dinner meal. This wonder veggie has been shown to be act as a natural diuretic to help get rid of excess bloat.

If you want to make JAWS DROP this Summer then you’ll love our 21 Day Challenge! We have women coming back every round it’s that good and that effective!! Its perfect timing and this round is going to be BIGGER and BETTER than ever before!

Not only have we created a BRAND new SHRED Plan to follow, we also have our favourite local cafe Porch and Parlour creating Vixen Approved meals so you can eat out on the Challenge!

Plus for all your protein we have our friendly butcher Field To Fork supplying you with your weekly meat! We just want to make life easy for you because we need all your energy to push past those comfort zones. With NEW Weekday beach classes combined with our regular classes in the park you now have MORE classes to choose from!

Now want to know the best bit? YES! Best Transformation WINS a Bondi Bather Bikini! WOO!

It just gets better and better…

So what are you waiting for? Register your interest NOW before we sell out because we are only taking on 21 NEW Vixens on this journey and we sell out every damn time! 🙂

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