Tone your ENTIRE body with Kick-Ass Kickboxing Workouts

Aug 9, 2016 | Boxing, Fitness, HIIT

So why all the hype about KICKBOXING for Women?

Well for starters, kickboxing is a very intense, vigorous style of training, so you need bring a high level of motivation and intensity to each workout. In addition, kickboxing offers a large variety of movements and sequences that women find fun and engaging. By performing a new training style that is diverse and incorporates a wide range of movements, your probability of sticking with the program improves dramatically, which means results are guaranteed!

Calorie Burn

An average sized woman kickboxing for 60 minutes can expect to burn between 750 and 900 calories – Just think what this can do for your weight loss or fitness goals over the Summer! In many cases, this amount of caloric burn will comprise of approximately one-quarter of your daily caloric intake. This being the case, kickboxing is a highly effective way to achieve your dream Bikini Body, keep you motivated plus walk away with a new skill and fresh outlook.

Flexibility Improvement

Participating in our brand new Bikini KICKFIT Bootcamp launching this September does more than just tone your muscles and improve your fitness. We also focus on mobility training to effectively and safely perform the workouts. So flexibility improves as an extra benefit too. Kickboxing also targets balance and agility, making other sports & activities easier to perform and injuries from muscle strains or falls less likely.

Fun and Challenging Workout

Kickboxing is not only fun and exhilarating, its extremely empowering! It’s a total body workout that gets the entire body moving whether you are the boxer or the pad holder. Working in pairs is also great on a social level because there is nothing more enjoyable than meeting new friends on the same journey. This can often help motivate you to stay consistent and have an accountability partner to see you through to the end.

For all these reasons, our Bikini KICKFIT Bootcamp is an effective weight loss program that delivers solid results. While kickboxing is highly enjoyable, it’s also very challenging as well. However, by continually challenging your body to perform new movements and skills that demand focus and precision, true gains in your overall level of conditioning and fitness are achieved in a relatively short period of time. Lets face it, 6 weeks is a short time to create your dream body this Summer, but we are 100% confident YOU can do it with our expert guidance and instruction!

For those that enjoy a challenge that will continually test your overall fitness, improve your coordination and balance plus strengthen and tone your entire body, our Bikini KICKFIT Bootcamp is a must this September so you can rock your SEXIEST body in time for Summer.

Each 60 minute class has a very specific objective with a new skill set to learn which will be built on with every subsequent session. Class start times are 530am Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

It is time to put YOU first!

Talk to your boss about arriving a little later or a friend to watch the kids, whatever you need to do to make the commitment for 6 short weeks and learn to be FIGHTING FIT this SUMMER!

Click HERE & Register your interest NOW!

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