Think you are too Busy to Exercise?

Jun 13, 2016 | Fitness, HIIT

Busy Women Can Exercise Too!

One of the greatest all time reasons we tell ourselves for not being in our best shape – is the lack of time excuse. The biggest problem with this is that it’s simply not true. Thinking you don’t have time is preventing you, the ‘would be’ sexy and confident woman from ever even attempting to get your body, mind and spirit into healthy, fit and athletic shape.

When you think of fitness or an exercise program, you immediately envision how incredibly busy your schedule is – and there is simply no way you could fit 60 minutes of exercise into this already chaotic daily routine. BOOM! The first false myth is revealed – 60 minutes of exercise.

You see, an hour of exercise time is simply not mandatory in order to get the results. There’s nothing wrong with doing that amount some days, but there is no need for it every day. Let’s be realistic, who has the time these days?

As a matter of fact, I have had many clients who had to get by on 30 minutes of exercise 5 or 6 times a week for a month here and a month there. When done properly, it can work.

As a modern day woman you devote so much of your attention and energy on the kids or your career that you feels guilty when thinking about taking time for yourself. Even time to take care of your health, strength, longevity and happiness can create feelings of guilt, and you aren’t alone.

Truth be told – there’s no better gift you can give your loved ones than setting the priceless example of taking care of the most valuable gift you have, your life.                                                         

And if that’s not enough, you are also ensuring that you’ll be around for as long as you possibly can with optimal levels of energy, sanity and vitality, setting the stage for you to even be alive and kicking when the kids or grandchildren arrive!!

Please don’t let myths stop you from action. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to spend a few hours every day to get amazing results.       

Don’t assume that you can’t follow a complete, efficient and effective program right in your own home, park or beach, at the total convenience of your own schedule. Mix in a couple of outdoor sessions at Bondi Vixen or gym workouts at our Private Gym and you’re on the FAST TRACK for results.  Please note, Six Days at the gym isn’t necessary. Mix up the outdoor workouts with gym workouts and make it work around your schedule. That’s the KEY to making this work for the long term – Make it FIT YOUR SCHEDULE

But don’t be like most other women who just pass it off for another day, week or another month because that turns into years. And you know where that leaves you, right?

You are never too busy to protect and nurture the one life you have been given.

If starting today is too soon, take a look at tomorrow and ask yourself, “Can I spare 30 minutes to take care of me?” And don’t you dare tell yourself NO.  The answer to this question is always YES.  Mark it in your diary, set a standing appointment with yourself that nothing can get in the way of.  

Need to stay accountable then enlist my help.  Now is the perfect time to get started with our FREE Winter Warmer Offer – giving you a taste of all the perks of Indoor Training with Bondi Vixen.  Click Here to find out more!

The key is to GET STARTED, and if you tried this in the past, it’s never too late to try again! This is one goal it doesn’t matter how many times it takes you just have to keep trying.

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