The Bondi Vixen 6 Week Winter Booty Camp

Jun 22, 2014 | Fitness, Nutrition

“So you know I started the Winter Booty Camp as a second challenge after the Bikini Body Challenge in April, not so much to lose more weight but simply to keep feeling as amazing as I do from Vixen training! The Winter Booty Camp has however brought about even more changes with more tone, weight loss, strength and fitness than I could have imagined. 

Training with you has become a way of life for me, I’ve never felt healthier and never been so happy with my body…I’m lean and strong and it’s truly thanks to your unwavering support, guidance and teaching. 
The classes never stop surprising me, challenging me, and the positive impact of our training on me has spread to improve not just my body and fitness but also every aspect of my life, work, family and home. 
Thank you once again for a fantastic experience, can’t wait for the next one!!!!” 

The Bondi Vixen 6 Week Winter Booty Camp launches Round 2 on Monday June 30th!!!

This 6 week package entitles you to unlimited access to all Vixen Class, 6 week Bikini Body Detox Plan, Assessments to keep you on track plus 24/7 Support & Motivation!
At Bondi Vixen we create Bondi Bikini Bodies in Winter so buckle up and get ready to stay HOT!! 

Reserve your place here: https://www.bondivixen.com/membership-program/

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