The Benefits of having a Personal Trainer!

Oct 4, 2015 | Fitness

Well clearly because I’m a trainer, I cant go without writing a blog about
the benefits of having a Personal Trainer! The reason being is because I felt a lot of people look at it like an expense, when really you should be looking at it like an investment. 🙂

There are many benefits to having a role model for your
health and fitness goals. And I thought we could discuss the ones that
I feel are most important:

1. Listening to someone else offer encouragement and support. You
don’t have to be your own cheerleader, when you have a personal
trainer, it refreshes you mentally to take on your goals.

2. Changing things up. When you train on your own you have a
tendency to do the same sort of thing over and over. Having a trainer
allows you the opportunity to do something unique that you would
either not have thought of or not been disciplined to do.

3. Speaking of discipline, a trainer helps offer increased discipline. Usually it comes in the form of a comment or suggestion worded in a way that is unique and it charges you up.

4. Offers outside support to many of the concepts you already knew to
be true. This helps you to feel confident and motivated.

5. Keeps you on schedule. When starting something like Bondi Vixen, it
helps to keep you accountable and encourages you to pay attention
more to staying consistent to your training.

6. Increased personal success. Having an outside point of view to
bounce ideas off of and to check in and find out what is working and
what needs to be changed in regard to your eating or workout regime.

So maybe if your workouts and eating plan are getting a bit stale it may
be time for you to pick up the phone and call a trainer !

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