How to Train Twice a Day Safely!

How to Train Twice a Day Safely!

When we run our 21 Day Challenges or have clients want to Up the Ante, often the discussion leads to training twice per day. Whether it be doing a sunrise class on the beach before work followed by a sunset class in the park after work or adding in a beach run plus one of our classes or even a gym session plus one of our classes. In theory it all sounds fantastic, energetic and a sure fire way to double your results, however as your trainer and mentor its my role to ensure you do this safely without the threat of over training or injury. Read our latest blog for some tips on how to train twice a day safely!

The Importance of Stretching!

Did you know consistent stretching significantly decreases muscle soreness? If you are guilty of skipping your stretches post exercise, then wind down with this 10-minute all over loosener. Make sure you are still warm from your workout or if you are using this as a pre workout then warm up with 5 minutes of skipping or high-knee marching if you have knee or shin issues.

Can you be too Sore to Work Out?

Rolling out of bed with throbbing muscles proves yesterday’s workout was a challenge. Congrats! But what does that ache mean for today’s session? While it’s tempting to suck it up and power through the pain for the sake of a good sweat, exercising sore muscles could undermine that workout and might even lead to injury.

The Pleasure of Pain? — The Need-to-Know
Dull pain after a workout results from microscopic tears in muscle fibers caused by intense activity they’re not used to performing. Post-workout pain has earned the term Exercise Induced Muscle Damage (EIMD). That means we can thank those extra reps for achy quads or extra time on the boxing round for sore arms.