How to Train Twice a Day Safely!

How to Train Twice a Day Safely!

When we run our 21 Day Challenges or have clients want to Up the Ante, often the discussion leads to training twice per day. Whether it be doing a sunrise class on the beach before work followed by a sunset class in the park after work or adding in a beach run plus one of our classes or even a gym session plus one of our classes. In theory it all sounds fantastic, energetic and a sure fire way to double your results, however as your trainer and mentor its my role to ensure you do this safely without the threat of over training or injury. Read our latest blog for some tips on how to train twice a day safely!

The Benefits of Compression Tights!

I used to be convinced compression tights were made for footballers to wear under their uber short shorts, oh and extreme athletes like marathon runners. But then I began to notice that more people were wearing them. The lady ordering her latte and buffin (healthy version of a muffin!), the man doing his daily 10 laps of soft sand and a few gym junkie looking individuals sipping protein shakes. But why are Compression Tights making their way into every ‘fitspos’ wardrobe and besides sucking everything in, why are they the bee’s knees of today’s active wear?

Post Workout Recovery

Whether you’re a Fitness Junkie or a Weekend Warrior, RECOVERY should be an important part of your lifestyle. It’s all very well making every rep count, but what you do after is equally important. An optimised post-workout routine plays a huge role in alleviating soreness, speeding recovery and aiding muscle growth. From sleep to supplementation, everything you do after training directly affects your progress. Read our latest post to find out our 5 FIT TIPS!

How to beat the BLOAT after Christmas Day!

How do you get rid of the post-Christmas bloat is probably the most common question I get at this time of year. If hitting the beach on Boxing Day is an absolute NO NO because you’re more concerned about hiding your pregnant looking belly than working on your tan then read on to find out the best tips on beating the bloat and the most effective ways to work off all those potatoes and 200 prawns dipped in tartar sauce that you inhaled at entree…

Why REST Days Improve your Fitness

Your body needs time to adapt after exercise. Repeatedly working out at a high intensity without giving yourself time to rest and recover, will actually stop you from making any progress fitness-wise. Your muscles grow when you rest, while overtraining can actually make your weight plateau and negatively affects everything from your sleep to your mood. But it’s not just your muscles that benefit from a bit of time out. Rest is important for your motivation, too. After all, your mind is the driver behind you achieving anything, including your fitness goals.