New Timetable launching November!

New Timetable launching November!

We have often talked about making sure your training schedule is balanced with a mix of strength, cardio and toning/flexibility classes. We have made planning your week even easier with refining our class options so you know exactly what you need to balance your body. We have also carefully balancedRead More

The Benefits of Compression Tights!

I used to be convinced compression tights were made for footballers to wear under their uber short shorts, oh and extreme athletes like marathon runners. But then I began to notice that more people were wearing them. The lady ordering her latte and buffin (healthy version of a muffin!), the man doing his daily 10 laps of soft sand and a few gym junkie looking individuals sipping protein shakes. But why are Compression Tights making their way into every ‘fitspos’ wardrobe and besides sucking everything in, why are they the bee’s knees of today’s active wear?

How to Beat Depression brought on by Winter!

Ever heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder? What about the Winter Blues? Well believe me its REAL!

The Importance of Stretching!

Did you know consistent stretching significantly decreases muscle soreness? If you are guilty of skipping your stretches post exercise, then wind down with this 10-minute all over loosener. Make sure you are still warm from your workout or if you are using this as a pre workout then warm up with 5 minutes of skipping or high-knee marching if you have knee or shin issues.

HOW to really CHANGE your Body!

This Monday we roll out our popular 12 week Winter Booty Camp for the season. STILL DECIDING IF ITS FOR YOU? Well here’s a something to think about…. Want to know WHY we get such MAX results in a MINIMAL amount of time?