What happens to your body after taking a few weeks off exercise?

The silly season has well and truly begun. It’s become way too easy to ditch the after-work training session in favour of Christmas parties or long dinners which then results in sleeping in for your early morning training session.
But what happens to your body — your fitness levels, muscle mass, and your mind — when you stop exercising?
Read on to find out…

Staying Lean over the Holiday Season

As Christmas approaches, it’s extremely difficult for most people not to binge and pack on a few kilos. Packing on a little weight is quite normal during the holidays. But overindulging and stuffing yourself, instead of clean eating is no way to treat yourself or your body.
If we choose to binge over Christmas, we will be riddled with guilt and fat! Do we want to begin a new year with the same old resolution? I didn’t think so. Not to mention, the low self-esteem that follows when you have developed “love handles” in your bikini! (Gasp!) This is something to think about before we splurge.

How to Survive the Silly Season

Are you having the time of your life? Or, are you exhausted, stressed and want it all to be over so you can get back into your healthy routine and feel normal again?
The festive season can take its toll on our minds and bodies if we don’t manage our essential needs holistically. How can you maintain a balance through these crazy times?
Here are some potential hazards, followed by tips for you to create your own daily survival guide.
Get the best out of the season’s festivities, look great, be the life and soul of the party and wake up every morning feeling GOOD!