How to make a lasting change with your health and fitness.

How to make a lasting change with your health and fitness.

Are there things about yourself that you’d like to change? Maybe it’s your size or weight, a bad habit, or your outlook on life? We are trained to think that change is hard and that it takes time. But it really doesn’t have to be. I’m here to argue thatRead More

9 EASY ways for Teens to find time to Workout!

Struggling to get your Teen to a Workout? Well we got you covered! Here are 9 tips to get your Teen to SWEAT IT OUT!

5 Nutrients you need for Energy this Winter!

With the super cold mornings this time of year, we need every little bit of support getting us up out of our warm beds and into our workout gear for an early morning session. Let me guess…you’re stuck on Struggle Street? Even though your Trainer repeatedly tries to motivate and inspire you to get to training nothing seems to help that tired feeling. But the answer may be quite simple…Eat your Energy Food! Try these five key nutrients that can help beat fatigue, improve your workout, and fight disease.

Alcohol and your Summer Body Goals, Can you have both?

With Christmas festivities around the corner, it’s time to talk about alcohol and weight loss and can you have both? Lets be honest here, we sweat our booties off day in and day out Monday to Friday…then Saturday night comes around and your faced with the choice of do i or dont i have this drink (or in some cases drinkssssssss). Well read on and make that informed decision for yourself, as I lay it all on the bar for you….