Is your mood taking a dip this Winter?

Is your mood taking a dip this Winter?

It’s common to feel different with the change of season, all of sudden you feel like snuggling inside, binge watching tv, and eating heavy warm food. But for some people winter brings with it a sense of dread. A good 80% of people we speak to have a change inRead More

Abs are Made in the Kitchen

If you want to achieve a perfectly toned tummy, ready to display at any point and feel proud of them, NOW is the ideal time to work on them. I have put together some ideas and tips to help you get those abs everyone will “wow” at, plus you’ll be ready to show off come the warmer weather. Remember everything takes time so the 12 weeks of winter is an ideal time-frame. Read on to find out more…

How to beat the BLOAT after Christmas Day!

How do you get rid of the post-Christmas bloat is probably the most common question I get at this time of year. If hitting the beach on Boxing Day is an absolute NO NO because you’re more concerned about hiding your pregnant looking belly than working on your tan then read on to find out the best tips on beating the bloat and the most effective ways to work off all those potatoes and 200 prawns dipped in tartar sauce that you inhaled at entree…

5 MUST-HAVE Foods for a Bikini Body!

Want those extra kilos that crept on over Winter drop off the healthy way? Put these 5 POWER Foods on your plate, and eat your way to a Bikini Body! Plus get a BONUS recipe straight from our Bikini ATHLETIX Lifestyle Guidelines eBook exclusive to our Vixens only.

Your 24 Hour De-Bloating Game Plan!

As a Trainer, I give advice constantly about how to stay healthy, cut calories, and lose weight. But that doesn’t mean I never eat way too much or get so bloated I appear to be four months pregnant! However, being a tummy bloating sufferer, I now have a stack of tricks to help me step off the Puff-Daddy train and look somewhat normal by the end of the day. Here some great tips for you to tackle that annoying bloated feeling.