Menopause & it’s effects on your training

Menopause & it’s effects on your training

A hot topic of discussion in many of my fitness consults with members is hormonal changes, how can we fight the effects of ageing, exercise comfortably while experiencing hormonal symptoms like hot flushes and fighting off the dreaded hormonal weight gain.  As a woman in my 40’s too, I knowRead More

New Timetable launching November!

New Timetable launching November!

We have often talked about making sure your training schedule is balanced with a mix of strength, cardio and toning/flexibility classes. We have made planning your week even easier with refining our class options so you know exactly what you need to balance your body. We have also carefully balancedRead More

How to Train and Eat for a HOT Booty!!! Part Two

We have all heard that the #1 secret to getting BOOTYLICIOUS is Squats. While this is true, there are other things that you need to be doing: working against resistance. Don’t get me wrong-bodyweight exercises kick ass-literally-but if you have access to Vixen KETTLEBELL or SANDBAG classes (or use of resistance/weights), this will help speed things up for you.

Some HOT Tips:

Use a challenging weight. Don’t work in your comfort zone.
To gain muscle, studies show that you need to not only lift heavier, but use fewer reps.
Sprints are great. For more of a challenge, try sprinting up hill or on the soft sand and avoid any long distance running.

How to get a Bikini Body in less than 6 mins!

Lets face it, there are only three constants in life: Death, Taxes, and the desire for Quick Workouts that train both Aerobic and Anaerobic metabolic pathways. Enter Tabata Protocol, a training regimen involving 20-second intervals of max effort interspersed with 10-second rest or active recovery periods. Repeat the cycle 8 times for an exhaustive 4 minute HIIT workout. For a slightly longer workout you can add more exercises and cycles for variety.

Busy Women Can Exercise Too!!

One of the greatest all time reasons for busy women not ‘being in respectable shape’ – is the lack of time excuse. The biggest problem with this is that it’s rooted in false pretenses which cover up the truth and therefore prevent many ‘would be’ sexy and confident women from ever even attempting to get their body, mind and spirit into healthy, fit and toned shape!
When the typical business woman or mum thinks of fitness or an exercise program, she immediately envisions how incredibly busy her schedule is – and there is simply no way she could fit 60 minutes of exercise into this already chaotic daily routine. BOOM! The first false myth is revealed – 60 minutes of exercise.