12 Days of Christmas Specials: ‘Tis a Season to be a Vixen!

Are you stuck for Christmas Present ideas for yourself or the awesome squad of women around you? Or just need some back up training alternatives while we are on break? We have you covered with a huge range of SPECIALS to welcome in the New Year. Over the next 12 Days we will be rolling out one different and exclusive Vixen Special per day so we can keep you in the BEST shape to bring in the New Year! Check out Day#1 by reading on…

How to Stay on Track over the Silly Season!

How to Stay on Track over the Silly Season!

With numerous parties and social engagements hitting your diary it can be quite stressful trying to stay on track and not ruin all your hard work over the past year. Read our latest blog for our best tips for keeping you from falling off the fitness ban wagon..

Staying Lean over the Holiday Season

As Christmas approaches, it’s extremely difficult for most people not to binge and pack on a few kilos. Packing on a little weight is quite normal during the holidays. But overindulging and stuffing yourself, instead of clean eating is no way to treat yourself or your body.
If we choose to binge over Christmas, we will be riddled with guilt and fat! Do we want to begin a new year with the same old resolution? I didn’t think so. Not to mention, the low self-esteem that follows when you have developed “love handles” in your bikini! (Gasp!) This is something to think about before we splurge.