The Benefits of learning Kickboxing from the experts on the Beach this Spring!

Usually if you wanted to train and learn MMA/Kickboxing technique you would need to join a MMA centre with lots of men and very few women. That thought alone is enough to put many women off – especially beginners. And that is exactly why Vix has partnered with Alex Santos from Maganga to bring you this exclusive Women’s only 6 Week Kickboxing Program right on Bondi Beach. Read on to find out the benefits of getting outdoors and learning a new skill this Spring!

Why is it Harder to Lose Weight the Second Week of a Diet?

Overview: It is very common for most people to lose a good amount of weight in the first week of a new diet, but this is often followed by slow gains and hard work in following weeks. Some people take this as proof that their current strategy is not working and therefore fall off the ban wagon, but unusual changes from the outset are actually expected and predictable. If your second week is a notable step back from your first, then you should continue with the program that you are on until it becomes clear over the long term whether its working.

Staying Lean over the Holiday Season

As Christmas approaches, it’s extremely difficult for most people not to binge and pack on a few kilos. Packing on a little weight is quite normal during the holidays. But overindulging and stuffing yourself, instead of clean eating is no way to treat yourself or your body.
If we choose to binge over Christmas, we will be riddled with guilt and fat! Do we want to begin a new year with the same old resolution? I didn’t think so. Not to mention, the low self-esteem that follows when you have developed “love handles” in your bikini! (Gasp!) This is something to think about before we splurge.

Health Benefits of Mixed Fruit Salad

Are you stuck in a banana-a-day rut? I admit sometimes I find myself in that position when I’m super busy. But here’s a good reason to chop up that nana with some strawberries, apples, grapes, and oranges, kiwi fruit and our in season yummy mangoes.

It’s called SYNERGY. You don’t just get a wider variety of nutrients by eating more fruits. Those nutrients actually work together to produce even more powerful health benefits than any single fruit could alone. Think of it like compounding interest, but with fruit!

Busy Women Can Exercise Too!!

One of the greatest all time reasons for busy women not ‘being in respectable shape’ – is the lack of time excuse. The biggest problem with this is that it’s rooted in false pretenses which cover up the truth and therefore prevent many ‘would be’ sexy and confident women from ever even attempting to get their body, mind and spirit into healthy, fit and toned shape!
When the typical business woman or mum thinks of fitness or an exercise program, she immediately envisions how incredibly busy her schedule is – and there is simply no way she could fit 60 minutes of exercise into this already chaotic daily routine. BOOM! The first false myth is revealed – 60 minutes of exercise.