Are you a Slave to the Scales?

Are you a Slave to the Scales?

It’s fascinating how often you hear women talking about their weight – and how much anxiety is associated with what the bathroom scales say. Depending on what we’re trying to achieve, seeing extra or fewer kilos on the scales can prompt reactions of happiness and excitement, or frustration and disappointment.Read More

The Bikini Body Challenge Season is launching in 4weeks!

ATTENTION VIXENS – there’s only 4 WEEKS until Spring!
Want that Toned Bikini Body? Now’s the time to FIGHT for it!
The Bondi Vixen Bikini Body Challenge starts September 1st.
Head to to sign up – check out the intro video below.
Bondi Vixen – workout on Bondi Beach with Vix Erber, ranked one of Australia’s Top 5 Personal Trainers!
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Success Story from our 6 week Winter Booty Camp!

Its Motivation Monday Vixens! What better way to get YOU motivated than an awesome Success Story of a Vixen who just completed the 6week Winter Booty Camp! Belle lost 8cm around her hips and belly plus lost 6kg in 6weeks!!!!! All by coming to daily Vixen classes and following the VixenRead More