How to Survive the Silly Season

Dec 14, 2014 | Fitness, Nutrition

Are you having the time of your life? Or, are you exhausted, stressed and want it all to be over so you can get back into your healthy routine and feel normal again?
The festive season can take its toll on our minds and bodies if we don’t manage our essential needs holistically. How can you maintain a balance through these crazy times?
Here are some potential hazards, followed by tips for you to create your own daily survival guide.
Get the best out of the season’s festivities, look great, be the life and soul of the party and wake up every morning feeling GOOD!

Water is the source of life. Keep hydrated.
Make your first drink non-alcoholic.
Dilute your drinks, have a spritzer (half wine, half soda), or if you drink mixes try something like vodka, lime and soda.
Milk thistle is known to be a powerful antioxidant that has the ability to protect and rejuvenate the liver.

Continue to eat normally and healthily. Not eating leads to hunger and over-eating at the end of the evening and will probably involve foods high in fats and low in nutrients.
Have a “strategic sandwich” before you go out so you don’t arrive hungry.
Get your five fruit and vegetables each day.

Get involved in Bondi Vixen training on Bondi Beach to get some fresh air and sunshine while sweating it out.
Be wary of burning the candle at both ends. Listen to your body and get some quality sleep.
Do something that refreshes you and makes you feel alive, like taking a dip in the ocean after a Vixen class, or if you’re not up for rigorous exercise go for a walk on the beach followed by a swim.

Peace of Mind
Don’t over-commit or feel obligated. Do what you want to do and make time for yourself.
Spend time with people who inspire you and make you laugh.
Expectations can be limiting and disappointing. Be ready for anything and you’re bound to have a good time.

Build your own Daily Survival Routine
Take a multi-vitamin or herbal remedy.
Drink at least two litres of water over the day.
Stay Active.
Have an epsom salt bath, ocean swim or meditate where you can focus on the moment, breath and let your mind go.
Get your full quota of fruit and vegetables.
Have a ‘strategic sandwich’ before you go out.
Order a non-alcoholic drink first.
Budget your evening’s drinks financially and mentally.
Rest, sleep and dream.
Smile to yourself for having celebrated life to the full!

By following these tips every morning will be a GOOD Morning!

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