Nourishing your body correctly is also key to achieving your fitness goals.

Bondi Vixen Nutrition has developed a range of natural protein supplements and ebooks, formulated for the female body, to help supercharge your training. To purchase any of these products please see Vix in the Studio. 

Bondi Vixen Supplements - Athletix Whey

ATHLETIX Whey $59.40

Rapid absorbing natural protein powder with no fillers, chemicals or additives, ATHLETIX Whey is the protein powder that keeps you lean and looks after your body. Consisting of WPI (whey protein isolate, natural flavours (cocoa or vanilla) and stevia, each scoop of ATHLETIX Whey contains over 25g of protein and <1g fat and <2g carbohydrate, giving your muscles natural goodness to recover and grow. 

Designed for active people who want to maintain a lean physique, or increase their daily protein intake without additives, ATHLETIX Whey is a delicious and nutritious part of a balanced and clean diet.

FREE ‘Shake It Up’ smoothie recipe eBook with your first purchase.

Bondi Vixen Supplements - Athletix Lean

ATHLETIX Lean $53.90

Specially formulated Acteyl L-Carnitine supplement, which assists in increasing energy, improving brain function and mental performance, and facilitating weight loss.

ATHLETIX Lean converts fatty acids found in the body into a natural energy source and improves stamina during workouts. Take once in the morning to kickstart your metabolism as a potent, safe, and stimulant free fat burner.

Bondi Vixen Supplements - Athletix Pack

ATHLETIX Pack $115.50

Combining our Top Performing Fat Burning products into a hard hitting stack like no other.

These products have been designed to work jointly together for maximum effect.

FREE 'Shake it Up' smoothie recipe eBook with your first purchase. 

*All prices inclusive of GST. To purchase please see Vix in Studio.