Success Story from our 6 week Winter Booty Camp!

Jun 15, 2014 | Fitness

Its Motivation Monday Vixens! What better way to get YOU motivated than an awesome Success Story of a Vixen who just completed the 6week Winter Booty Camp! Belle lost 8cm around her hips and belly plus lost 6kg in 6weeks!!!!! All by coming to daily Vixen classes and following the Vixen 6 week Detox Plan!!

Chest: lost 3cm
Waist: lost 5cm
Belly: lost 8cm
Hips: lost 8cm
Thigh: lost 6cm
Bicep: lost 3cm
Weight: lost 6kgs

“Absolutely amazed and shocked with my results after Vix’s 6 Week Booty Camp. I am so so so HAPPY! I was very hesitant to start and worried I would have to be fit and healthy before I started the classes. This was not the case at all. Vix was unbelievable to have as a trainer and motivates you to always keep going! Its fun, hard, you get very sore muscles to begin with but is so rewarding. Within 3 weeks I started to feel myself getting stronger and taking measurements throughout the 6 weeks really keeps you motivated to keep going its totally worth it! I would strongly recommend anyone to go and start with Vix, the classes have a fun environment and all the girls are really lovely and make you feel welcome at whatever stage you start. For me, it was an awesome start to get motivated to getting fit and healthy and I can’t wait to keep going as a vixen! Its an awesome chick community!”

This could be YOU! Join the next 6 week Booty Camp starting June 30th!  Head over to the Memberships Page to sign up for the next round! You have nothing to lose except kilos!

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