How to Stick to a Workout Plan

With Summer well and truly here we know that your motivation for working out has made a return with the warmer weather – but why do you let the colder Winter months stop you? You’re not alone if Winter puts a halt on your fitness goals. With the silly season over and everyone back to work,  it’s now time to get into it. Here are some handy hints to STICKING TO A WORKOUT PLAN – ALL YEAR ROUND.

Make an appointment with yourself that you HAVE to keep
If you schedule your workouts in and do not let anything push them out of your diary then you are more likely to make it work. That’s one of the reasons why our 21 Day Challenge is so successful, as it teaches you accountability and consistency with your training. With scheduled sessions in your diary, working out will be as natural as brushing your teeth or as important as a date at the hairdresser.

Set a goal that means something to you! Wanting to lose weight for the sake of losing weight is not going to motivate you to get out of bed in the mornings, work out why you want to lose weight, tone up or get fitter.  But what about trying a new form of fitness? How about challenging yourself by learning a new skill like KICKBOXING or FUNCTIONAL TRAINING? What an amazing personal achievement completing a 21 Day Challenge! Understanding your WHY is a massive driving force in sticking to your personal fitness goals.

Get SELFISH about your Fitness Time
Yes even as a mum or a busy career woman you need time out to reset and re-energise. Exercise will give you your energy back and help you get more out of each day.  Imagine how stress free and empowered you will feel after spending 60mins punching, kicking or lifting your way to a new body? How can you afford not to give back to you!

Find a Workout Buddy or ACCOUNTABILITY Partner
When you are accountable to someone else you are less likely to want to let them down by default.  On your own missing a workout is only affecting you, add someone else to the mix and you are more likely to keep to the program. Why not sign up to our next 21 Day Challenge with your BFF? Bring your partner in crime and learn how to be fighting fit together!

A common mistake we see is a newbie going too hard too fast – it is ok if you can’t keep up. Best to stick to your own pace and push yourself a little harder each week than to go hard and injure yourself after the first week. Your trainer can easily identify when things are getting too easy and that is our job to make sure you are always increasing your fitness safely. This brings me to the point of how our 21 Day Challenges roll out. Every session has a new objective and each subsequent session builds upon what you learnt in the last session. So you will progressively improve and take your body to the next level as the program rolls out week by week.

But, don’t get too COMFY
Just like easing in, once you get into a routine, don’t get too comfortable.  Always aim to squat a little deeper, clean up your meals even further, reach for the heavier weight or run a little faster.  If you’re always looking to push to that next level you won’t ever feel unsatisfied from your workouts. Believe me, there is NOTHING more invigorating or energising than punching or kicking the SH&T out of some pads and just letting go.. and with the high intensity factor of our beach classes you will never sit in your comfort zone.

Now you know how to “get it right” when sticking to a workout plan, maybe its time to up the ante with our 21 Day Challenge? This program is sure to get you on the right path and stick to it. Guaranteed.

If you’re not happy where you currently are then maybe its time to change things up and learn how to transform your mind and body in new ways.