How to stay Fit when on Holidays!

Dec 22, 2014 | Fitness, HIIT

It’s so cliche really…you work super hard to get into shape for your Summer holiday, so you can walk around in a bikini feeling confident and proud. But on the other hand you’re worried you’re going to lose all that fitness and tone you worked so hard to achieve over the past few months while you lounge around the pool or beach and eat buffet breakfasts!
Well as great solution is to not only pack all your well earned bikini’s but also pack a skipping rope too!
Skipping has everything going for it. It’s the ultimate busy woman’s high intensity workout so it’s hardly a surprise that heaps of celebs name it as one of their favorite ways to keep fit. Plus its the perfect fitness travel companion.

So check out these 12 reasons to dust off the old skipping rope and pack it in your suitcase for your Summer Get Away..

1. The effort it takes to jump rope for 10 minutes is the equivalent of running nearly 2km’s in eight minutes.

2. One hour of rope skipping will burn up to 1,300 calories.

3. According to the British Rope Skipping Association, 10 minutes of skipping can have the same health benefits as a 45-minute run.

4. Skipping is a full body workout which uses your abdominals to stabilise the body, legs for jumping, shoulders and arms for turning the rope.

5. Skipping is less jolting on your joints than running.

6. Once you’ve bought your rope, skipping is a zero-cost workout.

7. Skipping helps to improve heart rate and blood pressure.

8. It’s a good workout for all fitness levels as you can do it at a pace that suits you.

9. Skipping regularly improves flexibility.

10. It also aids your coordination and balance.

11. A regular skipping session improves muscle tone in both the lower and upper body.

12. Skipping is a weight bearing exercise so can help in improving bone density, therefore helping stave off osteoporosis.

At Bondi Vixen we use the skipping rope in our warm ups for every class. Tonight we have a SPECIAL FREE CLASS with Skip2Beat coming to Bondi to give us all a half hour HIIT Skipping class to music! If you are free come down to Bondi Beach at 630pm tonight for an awesome Pre-Xmas Burn!

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