How to Really CHANGE your Body!

Jan 21, 2015 | Fitness

On Monday February 2nd, we roll out the next round of the 6 week Bikini Body Challenge program for Summer!

Well here’s a something to think about….
Want to know WHY we get such MAX results in a MINIMAL amount of time?

One of the BEST ways to lose fat and get in shape quickly is working against resistance.
Training against resistance can be your own body weight, boxing, kettle bells, using the sand as your foundation plus all the other specialized Vixen classes that we offer. Studies show that high intensity resistance training or body conditioning classes can burn as much (and often MORE) calories than a cardio session of the same duration (ie: just running).

Vixen training works with an intensity that gets your heart rate pumping and the fat burning like melting butter. This type of training WORKS, no question about it.
For those of you who are scared of the gym or picking up heavy objects, I say there is no excuse, only alternatives. The point is, if you want to get in the BEST SHAPE of your LIFE, if you want to LOSE FAT, you have to have a STRUCTURED PLAN of ATTACK. Combine EFFECTIVE TRAINING with a STRUCTURED EATING PLAN and you have SUCCESS. Its as SIMPLE as that!

Sure, running is great but the Vixen Method works along the lines of MUSCLE burns FAT, more muscle equals more FAT BURNING! At Bondi Vixen we ensure that some form of resistance training is a part of your daily classes.
The program speaks for itself…we have clients who come back over & over to do the challenge again.

If you are just starting out or need an extra kick up the BOOTY…there is no better option!
LEARN the Secrets of HOW to create Bikini Body in 6 weeks with a Trainer of 23 years EXPERIENCE and have a LIFETIME of knowledge to keep forever!! You have NOTHING to LOSE except a dress size….GUARANTEED!!!

“The 6 week Bondi Vixen Bikini Body Challenge not only benefited me physically but also provided me with more energy and motivation for my other everyday commitments. I felt determined to push myself and maximize my fitness as well as improve my eating habits. All in all leaving me feeling more healthy and proud of myself than ever before.”

“The Bondi Vixen 6 Week Bikini Body Challenge was a great success for me, I lost body fat, increased muscle tone and increased in strength and stamina. Although it’s challenging, the Vixen Team provide a lot of advice and support and I believe it will provide great results for anyone that is committed. I now have a better lifestyle, with a range of healthy recipes to use from the diet plan. I also have a better understanding of how I should be eating, as well as motivation to keep exercising regularly & constantly challenge myself. I really enjoyed my time at Bondi Vixen and will be back for more once I return from my Summer travels (wearing my new bikini)!”

“Joining the 6 week Bikini Body Challenge has improved my life, not just body wise. Yes, I did lose the kilos I wanted, but it also improved my mood and the way I deal with my everyday life. You do feel happier with a healthy lifestyle. I also loved learning how to stay disciplined with my diet and training consistency. I was very impressed with the support we were given & the transformation of my body in only 6 weeks”

Now its YOUR turn! Join the Feb 2nd round and EMPOWER yourself mentally and physically. Limited to 12 Vixens only. Register here: www.bondivixen.com/bikinibodychallenge

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