The 21 Day SHRED Plan is an additional plan (to the lifestyle plan provided in the program) – if you want to really take your results to the next level when doing our most popular program – the ZONE 21 Kickstart.

This SHRED Plan has been created to follow over 21 days IF weight loss and shredding is a goal. You are given you 5 different options to choose from for your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. You can mix n match these meals every day over the 21 days for some variety, however don’t steer away from what is on the meal plan options. This is designed as a strict diet and eliminates alcohol, fat, dairy, carbs and sugar.

These meals are all low in calories but high in protein. You are welcome to make slight tweaks to the meals (like swapping beans for broccoli or chicken for tuna or dinner for lunch), however by sticking to the set plan, it will guarantee weight loss results.

Please Note: the ZONE 21 Kickstart does come with a comprehensive detox lifestyle plan included,  however it is designed around clean eating and detoxing the body with wholefoods opposed to shredding (elimination diet).

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