Combining our Top Performing Fat Burning products into a hard hitting stack like no other. These products have been designed to work jointly together for maximum effect.

ATHLETIX Whey by Bondi Vixen Nutrition.

If you’re looking to increase your daily protein intake without additives, or looking for a natural and organic source of rapid absorbing protein powder, then look no further than ATHLETIX Whey by Bondi Vixen Nutrition.

Containing Whey Protein Isolate, Natural Flavours and Stevia, as well as Cocoa or Vanilla Extract depending on your flavour preference, each scoop of ATHLETIX Whey contains nothing but what your muscles need to recover and grow. Each scoop contains over 25g of protein and <1g fat and <2g carbohydrate, anyone looking to maintain a lean physique with an all natural protein has found their answer. Vegetarian friendly and gluten free, this 100% natural Whey Protein Isolate is available in Chocolate and Vanilla flavours, and will keep your body nourished without any fillers, chemicals or additives. Specifically formulated for active people, our ATHLETIX Whey Protein gives you a quality, nutritious convenient energy hit. Mixed with water or low fat milk, it makes a delicious, creamy protein-rich shake or smoothie – perfect as part of a healthy, balanced, clean diet.

ATHLETIX Lean by Bondi Vixen Nutrition.

Our ATHLETIX Lean consists of Acetyl L-Carnitine which assists in increasing ENERGY, improving BRAIN FUNCTION, FOCUS & MENTAL PERFORMANCE! It also assists in WEIGHTLOSS by converting fatty acids found in the body into a natural ENERGY SOURCE & improves STAMINA during workouts.

Take ATHLETIX Lean once in the morning to KICKSTART your Metabolism as a Potent, Stimulant Free & Safe FAT BURNER! ATHLETIX Lean L-Carnitine can easily be integrated into a nutritious eating plan.

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