ATHLETIX Lifestyle Plan


As you know one of the key factors to a Bikini ATHLETIX Lifestyle is regular exercise through Functional Training. This style of training encompasses whole-body dynamic movement, in an attempt, to enhance purposeful muscular ability, increase fitness for wellbeing and ultimately improve lifestyle. Combine this with Clean Eating that works to detoxify the body and you have our Secret for SUCCESS!

The Bikini Athletix Lifestyle Plan gives you a new and improved guideline to achieve your ULTIMATE health and body to match.

What we seem to forget is that we’re constantly being exposed to toxins in our food, water and environment and while our bodies are equipped to remove them, our increasing exposure may mean that we can’t do it optimally. This may result in tiredness, constipation, skin eruptions, struggles with weight, cellulite, brittle nails and other ailments that don’t reflect a Bikini ATHLETIX Lifestyle.

This guideline will give you the tools and knowledge to ensure Clean Eating is part of your Active Lifestyle. A diet that consists of detoxifying foods allows our bodies to focus on repairing itself including certain foods that can support or even speed up the process by providing vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, essential fatty acids, fibre and other needed nutrients.

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