Post Workout Recovery

Whether you’re a Fitness Junkie or a Weekend Warrior, RECOVERY should be an important part of your lifestyle. It’s all very well making every rep count, but what you do after is equally important. An optimised post-workout routine plays a huge role in alleviating soreness, speeding recovery and aiding muscle growth. From sleep to supplementation, everything you do after training directly affects your progress.

  1. ATHLEITX Whey: There’s a reason why whey protein is the first thing you should reach for after an intense workout. Due to its fast absorption rate, whey protein quickly enters the body where it sets about building and repairing muscle tissue. Need some? Head here:
  2. Eat PROTEIN & CARBS after training: Eat a post-workout meal that contains a lean protein source such as chicken, turkey or fish along with whole grain rice, sweet potatoes or quinoa.
  3. Stay HYDRATED: Drinking water will restore this imbalance and aid your ability to repair muscle tissue.
  4. Get a MASSAGE: One of the best ways to ease muscular pain is by treating yourself to a massage. A soothing massage will reduce stiffness and break up scar tissue.
  5. 4. Get more SLEEP: Your body works hard to repair the microscopic tears created from strength training while you sleep. Therefore, proper rest is crucial to muscle growth and recovery. To reap the benefits, aim for at least eight hours a night.
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Sleep, nutrition, massage and hydration should be at the heart of your post-workout routine. Take care of your body when it’s at rest and your training will take care of itself.