Transform Your Fitness with Our Experienced Personal Trainer in Bondi

Whether you are kick-starting your fitness journey for the first time or returning to training, our experienced personal trainer at Bondi beach will give you the professional support you require. Our female-only studio provides quality workouts using the latest training techniques, equipment and exercise science.

Why Trust Bondi Vixen as your Personal Trainer in Bondi Beach?

Our qualified trainer provides holistic functional training sessions that include:

  • Tailored program: We use the latest fitness techniques, equipment, and exercise science to develop a workout program tailored to you. Our trainers are highly knowledgeable about how to sculpt and strengthen the female body through resistance training and cardio exercise. We use a mixture of kettlebells, barbells, ropes, boxing, plyometrics and more to help you get the most value out of your training. 

  • Experienced trainer: Our head personal trainer has an extensive background in the fitness industry. She is passionate and qualified to help you build a strong body and a healthy mind through a consistent training regime that incorporates 45-minute workouts sessions, a nutrition program and holistic mindset.

  • Boutique female: only fitness studio: You will train in the heart of Bondi at our female-only studio. We tailor your one-on-one workout sessions by using our knowledge of the female body’s needs and challenges at different life stages and your exercise capability. Our training sessions are suitable for females aged 20 to over 50.


Fun Facts About Our Bondi Personal Training

Our fitness studio embraces the healthy and fit lifestyle associated with Bondi Beach through:

  • Fuelling your body: We provide support to help you fuel your body with the right nutrition, transform your lifestyle and strengthen your mind rather than pushing your body to beyond exhaustion. We have a dedicated nutrition program that can help you reach your goal weight through meal planning and mentor support. Our trainer can couple your nutrition program with a fun fitness program to help you to feel confident.

  • Joining the Vixen community: Our training emphasises attitude over age with our Vixen community as we know that investing in your fitness is helping to safeguard your future health.

  • Studio and beach training: You can kick off your fitness journey with a personal training session in our studio and be able to head to Australia's most famous beach. With the balmy Australian climate, golden sand and blue waters, we are only a stone's throw away from bondi. 


About Bondi Vixen

Since we opened our doors over 30 years ago, we’ve been helping women improve their fitness and transform their lifestyle. Our boutique studio offers a comprehensive range of fitness training that is specifically developed for the female body, including personal workout sessions and bootcamp classes on Bondi Beach. Our qualified trainers will mentor through our holistic female-focused training programs to help you transform your fitness journey, embrace nutrition and feel empowered. Contact us today to book a personal workout session with our experienced trainer.