New Timetable launching November!

Oct 26, 2019 | Boxing, Fitness, HIIT

We have often talked about making sure your training schedule is balanced with a mix of strength, cardio and toning/flexibility classes. We have made planning your week even easier with refining our class options so you know exactly what you need to balance your body.
We have also carefully balanced each time slot to maximise your training ie separated out the strength training so you’re not doing strength classes back to back.
Ideally training 6 times a week you’ll need 3 x strong classes, 2 x cardio classes and one toning class. However, no matter how many classes you can make each week we have a strategy for you.
5 Classes – 2 x Strong, 2 x Cardio, 1 Tone
4 Classes – 2 x Strong 1 x Cardio, 1 x Tone
3 Classes – 1 x Strong 1 x Cardio 1 x Tone

What can you expect from each class?



A total body workout, combining the use of 1 to 3 pieces of equipment –Kettlebells, Sandbags and/or Barbells designed specifically for strengthening and shaping a streamlined female physique. We focus on a structured and progressive functional training-based workout using longer work intervals and shorter rest intervals, which is our time under tension methodology.

With a clear focus on increasing lean muscle, base strength and burning a stack of calories, this class will transform your body into a fat burning furnace. Remember, your muscle is metabolically active, so strength training will allow you to be more efficient at burning FAT!


Are you ready to get Bootylicious? There is only one agenda in this class and that’s to focus on your lower body by implementing compound and isolation exercises using a combination of 3 different pieces of equipment: Booty Bands, Balls & Bells (Kettlebells or Barbells)

This class will increase lean muscle, strengthen core, tone legs, lift & sculpt your booty and torch MAX calories.


This class focuses on upper body and core strengthening via the use of 3 different pieces of equipment: Suspension Training (TRX), Resistance Bands & Weight Plates.

Using a combo of Upper Body focused exercises to develop strength, flexibility & core stability simultaneously, this workout will provide an incredible boost to your metabolism and will help lower your total body fat percentage. That means you won’t just get a slimmer and more toned torso —you’ll also perform better and be less prone to injury because you’ll need to maintain core stability with each move working your smaller stabilising muscles too.



Box HIIT is a total body cardio conditioning workout that combines boxing drills, cardio drills, body weight and core exercises to create an awesome HIIT style workout. Think timed intervals using Boxing Bags, Man Shields, Skipping Ropes, Plyo Boxes & Medicine Balls!

This type of workout aims to build a lean, toned body, torch body fat and increase fitness like no other!


A metabolic total body cardio conditioning circuit that incorporates a mixture of strength based and cardio based exercises in a rotating circuit format.

Using functional exercises where you will move from station to station with minimal rest periods, this class is the ultimate in increasing fitness while keeping your body well-conditioned and toned.

This class is designed to tap into our unlimited functional training equipment all in one class. Think assault bikes followed by plyo box jumps followed by sandbag drags! Yes, we leave no stone unturned in this class. Why? So you can train to live healthier and perform every day, natural movements in a more functional and efficient way.

Get ready to SWEAT, BURN and STRENGTHEN!



A comprehensive total body workout that lifts and tones your body from head to toe – plus burns fat in record-breaking time. While primarily working specific muscles like booty, legs, arms and abs, we always maintain core stability and whole-body alignment, making every exercise a full body exercise.

Barre is a great way to tone muscles and burn calories. Muscles are worked to the point of fatigue and then released through stretching movements to create long, lean muscles.

Barre classes are suitable for all levels and are not dance classes.


Ideal for anyone and everyone, BALANCE is a fusion of yin yoga and deep stretches that will improve your mind, your body and your life.

During this 55 minute class, an inspired soundtrack plays as you bend through a series of yoga poses and deep stretches. Breathing control is also a focus as you lengthen your entire body, starting your weekend feeling calm, centred and balanced.

This class will improve your flexibility and increase core stability while you reduce stress levels.

Check out all the changes through the Bondi Vixen App, those of you who like to book ahead I suggest reviewing your classes from the 1st of November onward.

Not currently a member and would like to try us for 21 Days? Simply contact us and let’s book a time to chat.

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