The Benefits of learning Kickboxing from the experts on the Beach this Spring!

Aug 9, 2016 | Boxing, Fitness, HIIT

Usually if you wanted to train and learn MMA/Kickboxing technique you would need to join a MMA centre with lots of men and very few women. That thought alone is enough to put many women off – especially beginners. And that is exactly why Vix has partnered with Alex Santos from Maganga to bring you this exclusive Women’s only 6 Week Kickboxing Program right on Bondi Beach.

Benefits of Training Outdoors:

1. Sunshine

Vitamin D provided by exposure to the sun has some great benefits. It boosts your immune system, strengthens bones and also improves mood. Exposure to sunlight is a common treatment for depression and other mood disorders. The release of endorphins from exercising outdoors, can brighten your outlook and keep your mood stable. That being said, our Bikini KICKFIT Classes are scheduled every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 530am for 6 weeks, starting on September 5th – so you can watch the sun rise while sweating it out on beautiful Bondi Beach this Spring!

2. Mental Stimulation

Outdoor exercise provides mental stimulation that indoor workouts simply cannot match. It doesn’t matter if you’re working out at home or at your local gym, you’ll always be surrounded by the same four boring walls. Training outside means you have constantly changing scenery that excites and stimulates your brain. Give your mind a workout as well as your body! Bondi Beach isn’t the most famous beach in Australia for no reason – it has a mix of lifestyle, natural beauty and vibrancy is like no other.

3. Psychological Benefits

An increasing amount of research shows us that outdoor activity is psychologically beneficial as well as physiologically. Exercising on the beach can boost your mood, combat anxiety, lower tension and alleviate stress that many of us suffer from.

4. Something New

You’ll find outdoor training uses muscles you never thought you had. For example, running on the beach is physically more demanding than a treadmill, even if on an incline. So combine this with learning a new form of exercise, ie kickboxing. Not only is your body going to respond fast to the new style of training, the effects are amplified by training in this style outdoors. Our Bootcamp is the first of its kind and we are 100% confident that you will be amazed at how fast your body responds to the new challenge!

For those of you that enjoy a fairly intense training routine that will continually challenge your overall fitness level, improve your coordination and balance, strengthen your cardiovascular system and tone your entire body, a kickboxing exercise program is a must this Spring, ready for your SEXIEST body in time for Summer.

Each 60 minute class has a very specific objective with a new skill set to learn which will be built on with every subsequent session. Class start times are 530am Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

It is time to put YOU first!

Talk to your boss about arriving a little later or a friend to watch the kids, whatever you need to do to make the commitment for 6 short weeks and learn to be FIGHTING FIT this SUMMER!

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