Why Kickboxing Technique is so Important?

Aug 9, 2016 | Boxing, Fitness, HIIT

As many of you know we already run Vixen BOXFIT and Vixen KICKFIT classes which are massive energy burners and hugely popular with our Vixens. Why is it that we have decided to bring in an expert MMA trainer when we already run Boxing and Kickboxing Classes?

The one thing I want to stress as THE MOST important aspect of Boxing and Kickboxing workouts is TECHNIQUE.

In a Boxing or Kickboxing for fitness class, the most common mistake is lack of technique. Many people just focus on connecting with the pads and getting to the end of the class. Correct posture, footwork and hand positioning is easily forgotten.

I want you to know that in order to get the MAXIMUM impact out of every Boxing or Kickboxing class, it is TECHNIQUE and SKILL in executing your moves that will elevate your training to the next level.

To be able to punch with precision, keeping your guard up and following through with a killer combination, you will tone and tighten your arms and shoulders, sculpt your legs, power-up your core and be prepared to take on any sticky situation with the ability to guard oncoming attacks effectively, whether it’s in training or the real world.

There is more to kicking a thai pad than just raising your leg and connecting. Your footwork, breathing and balance all plays an important role in providing a whole body workout. Tightening your core to hold your position while landing a powerful kick is paramount in mastering a kickboxing workout.

The goal for our 6 week Bikini KICKFIT Bootcamp is to empower you with all the technique and skills that you need to move forward with your Bondi Vixen training. Take your workouts and body to the next level, performing all boxing and kickboxing moves with precision and maximum output.

Alex Santos from Maganga’ and myself will be mentoring and supporting you in every session, focusing on your body alignment, hand and foot position along with power behind every move. That is why we are strictly only taking 20 Vixens on this program to ensure individual attention is achieved and you have everything you need to confidently master every skill and combo thrown at you.

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