Kickboxing – A Beginner’s Guide

Aug 5, 2016 | Fitness, HIIT

Has learning how to kickbox been on your fitness goals to-do list? Not sure where to start? Or have you been coming along to our Vixen KICKFIT classes and need to refine your skills? It can be quite daunting to know exactly where to start. There are so many moves and combinations that need to be learned however cutting it back to even more basics, it’s about where your feet need to be positioned, how the weight is distributed to ensure you are balanced and even the angle of your closed fist as you punch.  These small details is what is required to perfect your technique.

Many beginners pick up bad habits which are then difficult to avoid or correct at a later stage.  So it’s best to learn the basic aspects correctly and take care that you are completing moves with precision before focusing on power.  

Here is a quick outline of some of the important basic skills in kickboxing and the type of things you will learn in our brand new Bikini KICKFIT Bootcamp starting on September 5th:

Normal Sparing / Fighting Stance

Naturally get into your basic fighting stance and have a look at yourself in the mirror at home for the following 3 points:

  1. Make sure that your feet are in the right position. Right handed people typically stand with their left leg facing forward. Your knees should be bent slightly.
  2. Your hands should be up at your chin height. Your right hand should be positioned more to the side of your face, while your left hand should be more forward, a few centimetres  in front of your head. Your elbows should be beside, but not touching your body. Your elbows can be used to to block kicks or punches delivered towards the side of your body.
  3. Your chin should be positioned down, over your left shoulder. This is to protect it from getting a hook to the chin.

Relax as much as possible.  Being tense will exhaust your body and muscles quicker, the relaxed position will help build your stamina throughout an hour session. When you are in your basic stance with a partner, remember to breath. Holding your breath for more than a couple of punches, will result in less power you throw. Being relaxed enables the flow in your movements, and will increase your speed and power. When punching, try to breath out on every punch, this will ensure that you won’t tire, and your training sets will be able to last longer.

Alex our Head Coach is a Martial Arts Expert with 20 years experience and myself, a Master Functional Trainer with 25 years experience training women, will be leading 20 lucky women on this amazing journey of Fitness, Strength and Empowerment. We will be constantly focusing on your posture, footing and arm positions over the 6 week course so you can be confident to know that you will have kickboxing mastered at the end of 6 weeks with our High Intensity combos and drills .

Where to put your Arms

When you are throwing your punches, remember that your elbows should be beside the body as much as possible. When you throw a punch, bring your arms back to the block position, with your elbows beside your body. One of the reason why you need to use your elbows, is that an attacker may try to hit or kick you in the rib cage area, your elbows will be ready to block any incoming attacks.

As you can see the right stance, a relaxed body and correct arm position is vital in learning how to Kickbox and that is before we have covered any punch/striking techniques or kick combinations.  

To ensure you have all the basics covered join our 6 Week Bikini KICKFIT Bootcamp where a new objective for each session is built upon from the previous session, until you’re mastering striking and kicking combinations with Precision, Power and Confidence.

We are only taking 20 Vixens in this exclusive Bootcamp on Bondi Beach to ensure every Vixen masters the skills she needs to know to take her training and body to the next level.  

Are you ready to get FIGHTING FIT this Spring? Click HERE for more info and to register your interest.

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