Keep on Running Vixens!

Oct 22, 2014 | Fitness

Here at Bondi Vixen we’ve just started our second round of Vixen RunCLUB. We’ve put together a 6 week program that incorporates time trials, soft sand runs, hill training and ultimately a long distance run at the end to push everyone out of their running comfort zone. Each week the training is varied to improve different areas of running with the end goal for all the Vixens to complete a long distance run in week 6. Last round we all ran 7km from Vixen HQ to Clovelly and back for our final week, which was an awesome achievement!

So here are 3 Vixen Tips to take your running to the next level:
#1 Set yourself a goal
#2 Get yourself kitted out properly
#3 Put together a good playlist.

Entering a race and having a goal to train towards will give you the motivation you need to get yourself out of bed in the morning to come to an early morning class or to push yourself to run an extra 5 minutes. Goals also need to be realistic. If you havent run more than 20mins continuously before, you need to build yourself up slowly. Start by jogging for 2 minutes followed by running for 1 minute then repeat 6 to 7 times.

Most races or fun runs will have a free training plan you can download to suit varying fitness levels. Its always advisable to start out with a shorter distance by entering a 5km run, get some friends involved to motivate each other with the training and to stay on track. Setting yourself a realistic time frame for goals is also very important. As a general rule, 10 weeks is a good amount of time to increase your running capability no matter what distance you are working towards.

Its also a great idea to have your running style checked out and analysed by running professionals. Lots of potential runners are put off even starting due to the possible injuries it can cause. Having the right shoes fitted can prevent any potential problems and improve your running greatly. Bondi Vixen has affiliate partners who give the Vixens an exclusive Vixen discount off having an analysis and properly fitted running shoes, so dont forget to ask us! Remember to replace your running shoes every 6-9 months!

Another essential for your running kit is a sports bra. No matter how big or small your milkshakes are, a good sports bra is so important! And not just for running. Everytime they bounce up and down little tears can be created in the breast tissue. Running creates a lot of bounce and for those with bigger busts especially, a lot of discomfort. Get yourself properly measured and fitted, then jump up and down in the changing room to see how supportive it actually is. If your breast movement is limited or you cant feel them bouncing then you’re onto a winner. Remember just like running shoes, you need to replace your sports bras regularly as constant wear, tear and washing makes them less effective after a while.

Lastly a decent playlist will do wonders for your running movitvation. Be it dance music, rock, pop etc, as long as it has a fast tempo and motivates you to move it will help you get through those longer runs and make running an enjoyable way to exercise and help you cross the finish line.

Keep on running Vixens!

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