January Newsletter

Jan 1, 2021 | What's On

You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.”

With a New Year comes a New Challenge!

Unlock the Ultimate Bondi Body with our NEW 8 Week Summer Reset!

Starting FEB 1st, 2021 create a lasting change by joining this unique, engaging and innovative 8 Week Challenge! Available to both Members and Non-Members!

Members Price: $149

Members Discount: Receive $50 off of your sign-up cost and pay $99 instead of $149 if you refer a friend to join!

Non-Members Price: $650 upfront (save $65) OR $232 upfront with 7 weekly debits of $69

Early-Bird Discount For Non-Members: Book BEFORE January 9th 2021, and score a $50 discount using the Promo Code ‘EARLYBIRD’ at checkout! Please note discount redeemable by Non-Members ONLY. Time limited offer.


Challenge Inclusions:

    • Access to over 33 weekly classes.
    • Summer reset meal plan designed to detox your body, boost your energy levels and shred unwanted body fat.
    • Body Composition Scans at the start (30th January) and end of challenge (27th March) to measure your results and progress.
    • Before and after pics.
    • Weekly motivations, support and accountability.
    • Exclusive 8 Week Summer Reset Group to share the journey with.
    • Chance to WIN one of 3 prizes for best transformation.


Starting on the 11th of January, the Bondi Vixen timetable will resume as per normal and Holiday Hours of operation will come to a close. For the latest on the class timetable please refer to the Bondi Vixen App!

BOOK IN TODAY- NEW Body Composition Scans

Bondi Vixen Members can now book our new Body Composition Scans under ‘Book Services’ in the Bondi Vixen App. The first scan date commences January 30th with options to book in every 12 weeks thereafter.

This comprehensive report is useful in tracking and assessing overall progress; providing you with detail on your lean muscle, body fat and water content plus much more!

This new service is far superior to measurements and weigh-ins tracked via the Fit Client App. The Fit Clients platform has been retired.

Body Metrix Scan costs are $44 for 1 scan, $120 for a pack of 3!

Reserve your spot on the Bondi Vixen App today! Bookings already available for January 30th. Secure your spot now!

VIXLETIX Lunch Time Classes

Continuing with the offer set late last year, Bondi Vixen encourages all members to bring a friend to a FREE Signature VIXLETIX lunch time class – available Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12.15PM every week!

To have a friend secure their free class, provide them with the code “VIXENTRIAL”. Redeem by having them download the Bondi Vixen app and book in for a lunch time Signature Vixletix class!

Alternatively, get in touch with the team today for a quick and easy sign-up!

NEW Nutritional Consults

Does your Diet need a refresh? Are you ready to learn about smart food choices based on your body’s dietary preferences and your goals?

This NEW 30 minute nutrition consult is designed to assist members on how to adopt the Bondi Vixen philosophy of Clean Eating. With so many fad diets on the market is is easy to be caught up in the latest crazy diet, but realistically it’s just over-complicating what is a simple process.

Calories In Vs Calories Out is the most basic equation when it comes to losing or maintaining weight. Focusing on clean, wholefoods means your body is well nourished and can perform like a well oiled machine. Nourishing your body correctly will give you more energy, more clarity and ultimately the body you desire.

If you are looking for general advice on how to:

  • Drop excess body fat
  • Get lean & defined
  • Increase energy
  • Gain weight if this is a problem
  • Strategies to break bad habits
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Advice on sports supplements to advance your results

Then it’s time to book a consult with Vix. Included in this consult is access to a complimentary diet plan suited to help you attain your goals!

Please Note: This consult costs $55 and will be debited from your account upon completion.

For any clarification or feedback please reach out to the Bondi Vixen team. Wishing all of our Vixens a HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR! Yours in Good Health,

Vix Erber
CEO, Founder and Head Trainer
Bondi Vixen
0403111188 – Work

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