HIIT Interval Training

Jan 26, 2015 | Fitness, HIIT

The other day I had an interesting conversation with a Vixen when we bumped into each other out and about. She was struggling with an old injury and her physio/chiro who was helping her with rehab gave her some ‘FAT LOSS’ information I was a little concerned about. I felt the information whether it related to her condition or not was totally ‘Old School’ info and incorrect considering every thing is heavily research based these days. So i wanted to clarify for you all WHY Bondi Vixen training protocol is based around HIIT principles to gain MAXIMUM EFFECT in MINIMAL TIME. There is no denying the results we achieve here at Bondi Vixen so I wanted to share it all with you…

HIIT – High Intensity Training is an interval based training protocol that has shown great success in the fitness gain and weight loss story. HIIT typically consists of 20minutes or less of training time, although we include this method in a 45minute workout. HIIT focuses on exercises that use major muscle groups, compound movement and high intensity training. HIIT training taps the energy sources inside the muscle.

The reason why HIIT works better for fat loss than Stead State Training is this: When you do a cardio session at the same pace for the entire workout duration your body goes into what is called Steady State. This means that your body had adjusted itself to the intensity you are going and tries hard to conserve energy (calories).

With Steady State Training you are also not creating a ‘State of Disruption’ for the body, so recovery time for Steady State is relatively short. Conversely, with HIIT the body works at its hardest and it needs to use energy (calories) to repair itself post exercise. This is where the difference is evident with HIIT. In the post workout recovery, the body’s metabolism remains elevated for hours, burning additional calories, most of which are fat calories.

After doing some amazing lectures at the World Fitness Convention a few years ago with the leaders in Fat Loss, there is no denying that by combining BOTH methods into your training regime is the BEST way to go. Always keep the body guessing. Changing up the routine often. Every day, Every class at Bondi Vixen we lead a different workout modality (Boxing; Kettlebells; Sandbags etc) focusing on Lower, Upper, Core and/or Cardio and THAT’S how you get a Bondi Bikini Body!!!!


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