HOW to really CHANGE your Body!

Jun 1, 2015 | Boxing, Fitness, HIIT

This Monday we roll out our popular 12 week Winter Booty Camp for the season.

Well here’s a something to think about….
Want to know WHY we get such MAX results in a MINIMAL amount of time?

One of the BEST ways to lose fat and get in shape quickly is working against resistance.
Training against resistance can be your own body weight, boxing, kettle bells, sand bags, using the sand as your running track plus all the specific exercises and methods that we use in our specialized classes. Studies show that high intensity resistance training or body conditioning classes can burn as much (and often MORE) calories than a cardio session of the same duration (ie: just running).

Vixen training works with an intensity that gets your heart rate pumping and the fat burning like melting butter. This type of training WORKS, no question about it.
For those of you who are scared of the gym or picking up heavy objects, I say there is no excuse, only alternatives. The point is, if you want to get in the BEST SHAPE of your LIFE, if you want to LOSE FAT, you have to have a STRUCTURED PLAN of ATTACK.

Sure, running is great, but the Vixen Method works along the lines of MUSCLE burns FAT, more muscle equals more FAT BURNING! At Bondi Vixen we ensure that some form of resistance training is a part of your daily workouts. We also mix up the methods daily using various HIIT combinations from Pyramiding Sets to Time Reps to my personal favorite the Tree Pyramid which is one of the best methods for FAT BURNING while STRENGTHENING!
The workouts speaks for itself…we have clients who stay with us year in and year out because no other training gives such variety or keeps them as well conditioned and in such good shape.

If you are just starting out or need an extra kick up the butt…there is no better option to keep you accountable, focused and on track over the cooler months!
You have NOTHING to LOSE except a dress size….GUARANTEED!!!

Reserve your spot NOW by click here: WINTER BOOTY CAMP

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