How to know if your Personal Trainer is the right one?

Aug 15, 2015 | Fitness, Nutrition

Now that Spring is only weeks away and the Summer Body Mission is getting real, its time to reassess your current training regime. Do you need to turn it up a notch by firing your current trainer, cancelling your gym membership to find the perfect match for you and your goals? After reading this you’ll either feel relieved that you are in good hands or be texting your trainer asap to tell them you got transferred to Timbucktoo for work and wont be able to train with them anymore.

As a Personal Trainer myself, I often wonder why certain people choose certain trainers to help them reach their Health and Fitness goals. I guess coming from my perspective (having been in the Fitness Industry since 1991), I look at certain elements to what I classify as a ‘good’ trainer and I also look at the ‘type’ of person or client.

So here are my Top Tips on how to choose the best trainer for you:

If your Trainer takes more selfies than cups of coffee you consume in a day, I say RUN. These sort of trainers are normally more concerned about their own bodies than those of their clients.

If your Trainer is on their mobile phone scrolling face book or instagram any chance they get, I say RUN. These sort of trainers are normally more concerned about other peoples well being than yours (clearly).

If you enjoy training in a group, that’s great but be careful of how many people are in the group. Outdoor group training has gone nuts over the last few years and if group sizes are too big this will always result in injuries and less attention to detail. That results in your personal goals not being met to its full potential.

When joining outdoor group training make a decision if you want to train with men in your group or if you prefer to stick to training in a female only environment. Its pretty simple if you want to know what the difference is (besides the obvious!). When training in mixed groups you will ALWAYS have the session tailored to ‘smash’ the male participants. So that means training specifically for the female body goes OUT the window. If your goal is to just get smashed and leave then you GO girl! but if you have some serious goals to really sculpt your body so you look and feel amazing in a bikini this Summer, then training in a female environment is your best option hands down.

The years of experience a Trainer has is a HUGE factor to consider. Just because they have a kick ass body doesn’t mean they are a knowledgeable Trainer. Personal Training Certificates are handed out these days like flies on a hot Summer day, so be careful who you hand your body over to. A lot of new trainers do a weekend course and think they are an ‘expert’ in the field or do one Fitness Competition and think they are a ‘guru’ in bikini bodies. Please note a trainer needs to put in the hard yards with years of experience behind them (minimum 5+ years), otherwise they are NOT an expert.

Experience over Education? Hmmm that’s a good one. Being text book savvy is great but putting it to practice in the real world is another thing. Years of experience on the job and working with thousands of different bodies, lifestyle factors and health issues will always result in your Trainer knowing exactly what you need and how to get there. Why? because they have done it day in day out for years. It becomes instinctive.

What moves you? A high ENERGY Trainer that is super excited and overly happy at 5am with ‘streamers and balloons’ or a quiet, low key Trainer? Well if you ask me..NEITHER! The high energy trainer needs to step off the pre-workout fuel and get a grip, and maybe the low key trainer needs to invest in a pre-workout supplement to get the party started (yawn). The personality of your Trainer is KEY to your consistency. Its like finding the love of your life…you just know in the first 10 minutes that they’re the one. Its the same with your Trainer. Its a love/hate relationship and you see them almost every day so you need to mesh. Your Trainer needs to be on the same page as you, speak your language, have the same sense of humor and have a similar outlook. These things are super important because you don’t want to spend 45mins sweating out with small talk that bores you or even worse, annoys you! The more boxes ticked in this area the more you will A) enjoy your training, B) turn up to every training session, C) feel uplifted after your sessions. Think about it, the more boxes ticked, the easier your goals will be achieved.

Well to be honest I could write about this topic forever, but on a serious note Summer is around the corner and NOW is the time to get serious or you may regret it. With the vast array of Trainers, Gyms, Studios, latest trends its hard to know whats right for you. So just ask yourself, if you truly want to make a difference in your body and your lifestyle can the Trainer you are choosing (or contemplating to hire) really get you there. Will a jam packed high energy class with guys, girls, beginners, super fit all in one room really be catering for YOUR goals or are you wanting to get smashed and go? Will a bootcamp that includes tyre flipping really be the best method to achieve a bikini body or does feeling like she-man float your boat? Will boxing with a 6 foot male partner be the best option when it comes to safety and longevity or that’s not important cause your boxing partner is single and hot? Will a self-obsessed trainer really be the answer to your goals or is that cool with you because you get good instagram tips as well as a workout?

Remember hiring a Trainer is NOT an expense its an investment, so please choose wisely because you deserve to be in the BEST shape of your life!

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