How to get MORE out of your WORKOUT!

Sep 15, 2015 | Fitness, HIIT

With soooo many options available to you it can be quite daunting when knowing what to do for your Fitness or what the best method is to create the ‘body of your dreams’. But how many of you sign up to a fitness group or gym and well just fall into your bad habits and do a no-show? Here are a few tips so YOU can take control and once you have chosen your perfect training option (hint: Bondi Vixen) just apply these simple tips to get the most out of your workout (and money)!

1. COMMIT. Don’t straddle the line between wanting to get fit and actually doing something about it. Take the first step towards healthier habits and start by committing to a fitness group or personal trainer. For example train at Bondi Vixen 4 times per week and then do some beach running and stretching on the other days. Keep it up for about 12 weeks to make the exercise habit really stick and become a lifestyle habit.

2. MAKE A PLAN. Without a good game plan, a trip to the gym can quickly become a complete waste of time.  To avoid wandering aimlessly from one piece of equipment to the next, map out your workouts ahead of time and set clear training goals or relieve yourself from all that stress and time wasting and get yourself to a structured Bondi Vixen class that targets total body conditioning and sculpting in 50mins!. When workouts have a purpose, its easier to train hard and have fun at the same time!

3. STAY ON SCHEDULE. Habits don’t just happen, they’re formed. When is the best time for exercise? First thing in the morning or after work? Most importantly don’t stress to get to training! There is no perfect time to work out, the best time should be when it fits into your daily schedule with ease. Consistency is the real key and habit changer. Prioritize exercise, and form a healthy habit by sticking to the schedule every day.

4. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. Performing the same exact workout day after day will likely lead to a training plateau — the place where progress comes to a sudden halt. One way to avoid potential set backs is by keeping a workout diary. Use it to record the days you trained and even the workouts during each training session. Then, you will always have access to your favorite workouts and the ones that created the best results. You can also use it to create new workouts that are more challenging than previous sessions or even better write out an awesome workout you did at Bondi Vixen so you can use it when on holidays!

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