How to Beat Depression brought on by Winter!

Jun 16, 2015 | Boxing, Fitness, HIIT

Ever heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder?
What about the Winter Blues? Well believe me its REAL!
Symptoms of S.A.D are:
1. Irritability
2. Tiredness or Low Energy
3. Hypersensitivity
4. Heavy feeling in the arms or legs
5. Oversleeping
6. Appetite Changes/Weight Gain

Risk Factors include:
1. Being Female
2. Youth
3. Family History
4. Having Clinical Depression
5. Living far from the Equator

How to Manage S.A.D:
1. Get Sun
3. Get out of the office at lunch
4. Undertake ‘light treatment’
5. Find warm places to socialize

Training with Bondi Vixen gives you a wonderful sense of CONNECTION to the outdoor environment. The benefits of NATURAL LIGHT and FRESH AIR serve to not only improve PHYSICAL HEALTH, but also SPIRITUAL and EMOTIONAL HEALTH. There is an innate connection to the environment that begins to occur when the body is exposed to the elements. Being outdoors in the winter is simply INVIGORATING and REVITALIZING!

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There are such AMAZING health benefits to being OUTDOORS in the Winter! The cold crisp air in the sun does SO MUCH for your BODY, SPIRIT and overall ATTITUDE! Most of us have a tendency to wish away the winter, longing for summer to come back again but remember, FITNESS is a LIFESTYLE, so take advantage of what the BONDI VIXEN Outdoor Fitness has to offer – even in the Winter and BOOST your POSITIVE OUTLOOK!

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