How do you spend your Christmas Day?

Dec 6, 2015 | Fitness, Nutrition

As a Fitness Trainer and Coach one of the most asked questions I receive at this time of year is…

What will I be doing on Christmas Day?

Well…I will be sleeping in first and foremost!!! On Christmas morning I will go on my ritual walk along the beach with my 2 fur babies Oscar and Vegas. Then once they have exercised I will drop them back home and go back down to the beach for a soft sand run. (normally 6 laps- approx. 45mins).

I finish off with a dip in the ocean to cleanse and detox then dry off listening to one of my meditation podcasts. It’s a real grounding experience and an authentic Mind, Body, Soul workout. Whats better than training bare foot on Bondi Beach needing nothing but yourself and your headphones!

Once I am done I will have breaky and chill out till our family Christmas lunch. I have a small family so it will only be my mum and step dad as my brother will be away and so will my dad.

To be honest I just love the vibe of Christmas and really enjoy chilling out. The thought of no work for a week is also quite relaxing so I really just go with the flow.

Training first thing in the morning before a BIG day of food (and for some alcohol) is just so beneficial for many reasons. Firstly it will set you up well for the day. Think about it…how often do you eat bad food after a workout?

By setting yourself up from the start will continue on throughout the day as you will be in a positive, healthy frame of mind, so you will make the right choices and go for the lean turkey and salads.

Let’s face it… do you prefer being in a coma on the couch after over eating on carbs and drinking wine or do you prefer being the life of the party and full of energy because of the right choices YOU made from the get go?

It’s a no-brainer to continue on with your clean eating and active living no matter what day of the year it is. Its all about balance and allowing yourself to enjoy the ‘time out’ but not overdo it otherwise you could end up stuck on the couch (literally) chatting to Aunty Grace for 5 hours about the good ol’ days because you cant move!

Either way if this is the case you can always get up first thing the next day and make up for it with 6 laps of soft sand! Now that’s a Happy Christmas in Vixen-ville 🙂

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