Hot Tips you need to know this Winter!

May 13, 2015 | Boxing, Fitness, HIIT

A chilly morning (like today!) is a sure sign that winter is coming, but it doesn’t mean that you totally embrace the extra layers and let it all hang out underneath. Unless you have been hiding under the sheets way too long, you would be well-aware that eating less and exercising more is one of the simplest and most proven strategies for weight loss. But here are 3 HOT tips this winter that could help you fit into those skinny jeans all winter long!
Hot Tip # 1: Turn down your heater a little. Sounds weird? Studies indicate that cozy indoor temperatures may slow down calorie-burning because your body doesn’t have to burn extra calories to keep warm. Research suggests that keeping temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius may help fire up your metabolism.
Hot Tip # 2: Go to bed early. A lack of sleep throws your appetite hormones into a rage! Poor sleep also affects blood sugar and insulin levels in a way that can increase the risk of excessive weight gain. Your goal is 7 to 8 hours of sleep every single night!
Hot Tip # 3: Cut down eating dinner at restaurants to once a month. Preparing meals at home allows you to control fat, sugar and salt content, then you know exactly what you’re eating.
Did you know that many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder, known as SAD. This disorder causes them to feel depressed, sleep more and have an increased appetite making them crave more sweets and carbohydrates. SAD generally causes weight gain during the winter. However, it is possible to control this disorder, making weight loss in the winter successful. If you feel you suffer from SAD there are remedies for this seasonal disorder. Although one of the best methods to overcome SAD is to EXERCISE!
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