Sandra is a qualified Naturopath, holding a science degree in Health Informatics, she is currently studying cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and is furthering her studies in functional medicine at the ADAPT Academy. Naturopathy and science are not mutually exclusive. Chemistry, anatomy & physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology have been the foundation of Sandra’s education.

It was Sandra’s love for health research and a search for answers to restore her own health that led her to Naturopathy. Tired of feeling anxious, fatigued, apathetic, and teetering on the edge of depression, Sandra was dissatisfied by the doctor’s insistence that; ‘you are the picture of health’. Sandra was indignant that surely, life shouldn't feel this bad. Already part way through her studies she took matters into her own hands and demanded specific pathology tests that revealed Hashimoto's thyroiditis. And so the games began.... of successfully taming the beast that is Hashimoto's. Fast forward five years and Sandra now treats Hashimotos as well as her key focus areas; gut issues, hormone imbalances, anxiety, stress, and weight loss.

Sandra can help you build resilience physiologically and psychologically, she will run pathology tests to identify biochemical reasons that you are experiencing a less-than-desirable state of wellbeing. As we are pushed to perform at greater heights, for longer hours, Sandra can help you to feel limitless instead of lifeless.

Sandra knows first-hand the debilitating effects of ill health and the frustration at needing answers but not knowing where to get them. how it feels and how that state can be transformed into a state of wellness far greater than before diagnosis.

Sandra prescribes herbs and supplements prudently and with precision, having seen far too many people self-prescribing supplements with no discernible results.

Sandra is not short of colourful life experiences, she does not judge, rather she offers a comfortable and encouraging place from where you can repair, revitalise, and reclaim your life.

Services: 3 Step Process - Initial Consult, Report Findings and Follow up.